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Let me just start out by saying that I waited WAY too long to do our bathroom makeover. Yep, I got ready for 4 years in that turquoise and yellow bathroom..what!?. Although this isn’t a huge bathroom renovation or big budget is still quite the before and after if I say so myself! The […]

Interior Inspiration, Our First Home

Our Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

Jun 18


Just to start, I’m terrible with words and definitely not a great writer. But, I wanted to share some thoughts. This past week has been so very eye-opening for me and the first thing I want to do is apologize. I’m 33 and guilty of not always standing up, not taking action, and not educating […]

Branding + Design

Black Female Brand & Website Designers You Must Check Out

Jun 10


Five years ago we were planning our little destination wedding in North Carolina AND hunting for our first home. It was crazy, stressful and oh-so-exciting. Exactly one month after tying the knot, we closed on our first home…and the painting commenced :) I thought I would share our home makeover before and after because you’d […]

Collaboration, Interior Inspiration, Our First Home

Our Home Makeover Before & After

Jun 1


Free Paint by Numbers Printable

I recently shared a fun and FREE Paint by Numbers Printable download with my email list and thought I should share it here too! With everything going on with the Coronovirus and all of us in social isolation, I thought this would be a fun creative project to take our mind off it all! Not […]

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FREE Paint by Numbers Printable Floral Download

Mar 18


Favorite Fonts For February

I’m not going to lie, I had this post ready early last week (February)..but I was having issues with my WP blog publishing. So, although it’s now March, this one is still going to be considered the Font Favorites for February! This month is a fun one..the color and the favorite fonts I wanted to […]

tips + tools

Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 07

Mar 1


GoalPlanning NewYearGoals_0006

Tis the Season to start Goal Planning! Although I am not a fan of Winter, I have to say…I just love January. The feeling of a New Year, new goals, creative organization, and simply getting a whole new start to make a difference in our life. Yeah..we could do this any time of the year, […]

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How to Easily Set & Achieve Your Goals with a Printable Goal Planner

Jan 2


Going to try and start this up again, my Favorite Fonts of the Month : The January Edit :) – I don’t know if it’s the snow outside, but I could use a pop of color in my life..hence the bold palette for this month! If you saw my stories recently you also saw I’m […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 06

Jan 1


I’ve been in this creative world for almost a decade, which means I’ve launched various things and have made plenty of mistakes when launching. From a new brand and website design, new services, tangible products, digital products, etc. So, I definitely have my fair share of experience on what a good vs bad launch looks […]

Design Shop, tips + tools, Website Design

3 Tips When Launching a New Website, Product or Service

Jan 1


A Boutique Event & Floral Design Studio Website Template

If this customized Willow template doesn’t just make your heart flutter, I don’t know what would! I think in my past life I was a floral designer! When Jill and I were talking about my templates through my shop chat box I was just HOPING she would choose Willow because her logo was a perfect […]

Template Showcase, Website Design, Weddings & Events

Website Template Showcase: Lilyput Bespoke Weddings

Dec 30


Organize Your Planner

There is nothing better than a gorgeous new planner to start the new year off on the right foot…Am I right?!  All of your dreams, goals, and ideas are swirling around your head or hiding in the Notes app on your phone which you have long forgotten about.  By getting them organized in a daily […]

tips + tools

How to Organize Your Planner For Success All Year Long

Dec 30



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