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Sometimes I think peoples biggest mistake when getting a new website or even launching their first website is that they simply do not prepare for it. Even with my own design clients and my new Showit Templates, I genuinely want them to do the proper steps prior to ensure they have a site that reflects […]

tips + tools, Website Design

8 Things You Should Do Before Creating a Website

Sep 18


Okay, so last week I discussed how to Optimize your images for SEO, now it’s all about how to use SEO on your Website pages and WordPress blog. That means how to utilize your page title, meta description, etc in order to help you get the best out of your website. And guess what, I […]

tips + tools

Tips on How to Use SEO on Your Website and WordPress Blog

Sep 10


One thing I’ve been trying to focus on with my new website clients is making sure they understand how to use their site and their blog, but also how to optimize website images and use SEO to better their site. So, today I thought I would break down a quick tutorial on ways to easily […]

tips + tools, Website Design

How to Easily Compress and Optimize Images for SEO

Aug 31


Well, this is officially the first blog post to kick off the 4 week launch to my new Design Shop! My friends, that means I am officially launching my website themes (aka: showit templates) in less than a month! P.S. I recommend hopping on my LIST HERE because I’ll be sending some freebies and offers […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Why I moved my Website from WordPress to Showit…

Aug 30


Oh friends, this won’t be a long post by any means but it’s a good one. Over a year ago I booked a weekend stay at a place in the middle of the woods, in the middle of Wisconsin, in the middle of the week (wed-fri) for my husbands birthday. Here’s the thing, if you […]

Collaboration, Travel

Our Relaxing Getaway to Candlewood Cabins

Aug 29


Friends, I am sooooo happy to get to share this oh-so-sweet and super chic logo design for The School of Styling! Kaitlin emailed me a few months back in need of a new logo design that not only reflected her business but one that felt approachable and sophisticated, a bit refined but intricate, and gentle […]

Branding + Design, My Designs

A Chic Logo Design for The School of Styling

Aug 21


As you know we all live in a very visually inspiring world (hello infinite scroll of Pinterest). Because of that, I believe that having consistent and creative images for your brand is becoming more and more necessary to distinguish yourself from others in your industry. So, today let’s talk a bit more about why brand photography […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Why Brand Photography is so Important for your Business

Jul 24


I have to say, I’m actually pretty proud that I have yet to miss a month of my favorite fonts series! I think it might be a fan favorite, so I’ll do my best to bring it to you monthly ;) Okay, so this month I was feeling a bit more art-deco inspired and pulled a […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 05

Jul 16


In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a handful of messages and emails asking me if I could share some tips with new businesses just starting out. And one of the top ones I ask is if you have a contract for your business? This was by far one of my biggest mistakes when […]

tips + tools

Do you have a Creative Contract for your business?

Jul 12



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