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As you know we all live in a very visually inspiring world (hello infinite scroll of Pinterest). Because of that, I believe that having consistent and creative images for your brand is becoming more and more necessary to distinguish yourself from others in your industry. So, today let’s talk a bit more about why brand photography […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Why Brand Photography is so Important for your Business

Jul 24


I have to say, I’m actually pretty proud that I have yet to miss a month of my favorite fonts series! I think it might be a fan favorite, so I’ll do my best to bring it to you monthly ;) Okay, so this month I was feeling a bit more art-deco inspired and pulled a […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 05

Jul 16


In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a handful of messages and emails asking me if I could share some tips with new businesses just starting out. And one of the top ones I ask is if you have a contract for your business? This was by far one of my biggest mistakes when […]

tips + tools

Do you have a Creative Contract for your business?

Jul 12


Since the New Year, I’ve made sure to try something new and work on ‘healthy’ habits to incorporate into my life. Honestly, I think habits, in general, get a bad rep (aka: biting your nails), but I’m here to put a better spin on them…sound good? With that being said, you know they say it […]

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5 Habits That You Should Do For Yourself

Jun 28


Welp…just posted the 4th installment of my favorite fonts about 20 days late..oops, but better late than never! This month are two pretty different (from each other) fonts that I’m currently coveting. From a messy brush script, to a classic serif family. So, check out below my Favorite Fonts of the Month : Volume 04!  P.S. […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 04

Jun 21


I often get asked by my branding clients after we wrap up their project why I provide so many different designs as well as how and when to use them. So today I’m going to share with you exactly how to use your logo and brand elements to make your business cohesive and clear. As […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

How to use your logo and brand elements

Jun 20


Well, first off, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA! But, second, I just finished editing pics from my girls weekend getaway in Galena, Illinois and so excited to share it (in 2 parts)! Being in Madison, Wisconsin (only a couple hours from Galena) I’ve heard various friends and family talk about this cute little town of […]

Collaboration, Travel

A Charming Girls Weekend Getaway in Galena, Illinois

Jun 18


As we know, there are some big changes going on with European Union and the GDPR (General Date Protection Regulation) that will affect the way we obtain emails for opt-ins, freebies, you name it. That means, creating an opt-in incentive download and automatically adding them to your newsletter is illegal under the GDPR and those […]

tips + tools

How I’m making my email and website GDPR Compliant

May 22


Happy Monday my friends, I hope you had a lovely (and sunny) weekend! I wanted to stop by my blog and chat about something I’ve been working on this past year (since turning 30)…choosing quality over quantity.  For someone like me, who hates spending money, it’s a bit harder to do. BUT, in the past […]

Beauty + Style, My Top Favs

My Favorite Products to Splurge on…

May 21



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