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So, I’ve actually discussed this topic already in the linked blog post below but wanted to do a quick update with some information on the different website platforms out there. P.S. This is based on research since I’ve only ever used WP, Showit, Shopify, and attempted Squarspace myself. So, if you would change or add […]

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Which Website Platform is Best for You…?

Jun 17


I’ve officially have had our Medley sofa for 6 weeks. This means I’ve already sat in it for hours on end and can give you my thoughts :) Because a sofa purchase is such a big deal, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it in detail about why I chose a Medly sofa […]

Deerwood Home, Interior Inspiration, The 503 Abode

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa For Our Home

Feb 11


Simple Acts Of Kindness

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail?  Not a holiday card or letter from the dentist reminding you it’s time to schedule your cleaning again, but a real, hand-written letter.  Well, depending on how old you are, it may have been all the way back to the 1990’s when we had […]

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Acts of Kindness to Celebrate World Kindness Day and Every Day

Nov 13


This is SO EXCITING to share!! We JUST finished our dining and kitchen makeover! I thought I would share with you what we did and of course, the kitchen before and after. This has been the biggest ‘renovation’ we have ever done in either home and I’m so happy we took the leap and actually […]

Deerwood Home, Interior Inspiration, The 503 Abode

Our Dining and Kitchen Makeover – The Before & After Transformation

Nov 6


Well, well, well.. here I am creating yet another blog post! I wanted to take time to share how I am choosing paint colors for our new home and some inspiration for our dining room, kitchen, and living room. It’s been a crazy past couple months and want to keep you updated with the progress! […]

Deerwood Home, Interior Inspiration, The 503 Abode

Choosing Paint Colors & Our New Home Inspiration

Oct 19


I don’t know why I haven’t thought to share my favorite Halloween movies with you yet! As you know, this is my FAVORITE holiday, so there is literally only Halloween style movies and shows on the TV all month. Here’s the thing, I don’t think I really have a single favorite…I have favorites just based […]

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40 Favorite Halloween Movies to Watch

Oct 16


Where have the last 6 months gone?! If you remember, back in April we listed our old house and within a week sh&* got real. We knew listing our home in this market would be great, but we also knew that finding our forever home would be almost impossible. The inventory was SO LOW and […]

Deerwood Home, Interior Inspiration, The 503 Abode

Our New Home Update & Front Porch Makeover

Oct 12


Considering I’m a Benjamin Moore lifetime user and currently painting our home (China White, Revere Pewter, and Simply White) I thought I’d share their new 2021 Palette with you! The Color of the Year was just announced and is called Aegean Teal 2136-40 along with 12 other sunbaked hues HERE. I’m not personally a teal […]

Interior Inspiration

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year & My Palette Picks

Oct 1


Let me just start out by saying that I waited WAY too long to do our bathroom makeover. Yep, I got ready for 4 years in that turquoise and yellow bathroom..what!?. Although this isn’t a huge bathroom renovation or big budget is still quite the before and after if I say so myself! The […]

Interior Inspiration, Our First Home

Our Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

Jun 18


Just to start, I’m terrible with words and definitely not a great writer. But, I wanted to share some thoughts. This past week has been so very eye-opening for me and the first thing I want to do is apologize. I’m 33 and guilty of not always standing up, not taking action, and not educating […]

Branding + Design

Black Female Brand & Website Designers You Must Check Out

Jun 10


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