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Hi friends, So this year we might not be doing a Thanksgiving but I’m crossing my fingers I can pull together a Friendsgiving because this mood board is giving me all the feels! I love the look of this natural and chic Thanksgiving inspiration full of clean whites, muted floral, and a hint of gold. So just […]

Calligraphy, Holiday, Tutorials & Freebies

Natural and Chic Thanksgiving Inspiration – With Free Printable!

Nov 14


When was the last time you received a letter in the mail?  Not a holiday card or letter from the dentist reminding you it’s time to schedule your cleaning again, but a real, hand-written letter.  Well, depending on how old you are, it may have been all the way back to the 1990’s when we had […]

Holiday, Tutorials & Freebies

Acts of Kindness to Celebrate World Kindness Day and Every Day

Nov 13


Do you find yourself with endless to-do lists, deadlines quickly approaching, and a million other things running through your head?  Yeah, me too.   As many of you may know, being a business owner, big or small, brings its fair share of stress.  Now, stress isn’t always a bad thing…. it usually gives me the […]

Health & Fitness, tips + tools

7 Simple and Effective Habits to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Nov 7


Alrighty, in PART 1 HERE I dove into all the many font types, styles, and traits. In Part 2 today, I’m going to show you how to choose fonts that will attract your ideal client or customer. That means, I created actual examples (using my Website Templates HERE) on how changing the fonts and colors within […]

tips + tools

How To Choose Fonts That Will Attract Your Ideal Client : Part 2

Nov 6


Okay, so I think my last free desktop and mobile wallpaper was in MAY! Ooops ;) But don’t you worry we are back into the swing of things over at Lark & Linen and will be doing a new desktop wallpaper at the beginning of each month!  Of course, starting with a good ol’ Fall […]

Free Wallpapers, Tutorials & Freebies

Fall Inspired Free Desktop Wallpaper November

Nov 1


You know what is crazy? How much a font can change the entire look and feel of a website and brand..seriously, it’s kinda crazy and something we all need to understand when it comes to our brand. I thought it was beyond important to chat today about font psychology and how to choose fonts that […]

tips + tools

Font Psychology and How To Choose Fonts That Reflect Your Brand Style : Part 1

Oct 31


Hi friends…I’ve been SOOOO excited to share this post with you! I’m not sure if you remember or not, but last year I was asked to collaborate with Cherry Blossom Events to create a Moody, Modern and Chic Beetlejuice Halloween Party. And let me tell you..every single stylish detail was on point! Here’s the thing: […]

Holiday, Weddings & Events

A Moody, Modern & Chic Beetlejuice Halloween Party

Oct 25


Oh my friends, I cannot tell you how excited (and immediately nervous) I got when Kaite O’ Selvidge reached out and asked if I would want to be on her Podcast!  This is my first podcast ever and I sure did talk her ear off {insert embarrassed emoji}..but I do think there are some great […]

Branding + Design, My Designs

I’m on a Podcast! Chatting About My Creative Journey & Branding Your Business!

Oct 23


Hey, my friends, I feel like it’s been a while! Now that I’ve launched my new templates I thought it would make sense to create a series of posts about how to create your brand color palette and choose your website font pairings. I realized after chatting with a few people that one of their […]

Branding + Design, tips + tools

How to Create a Brand Color Palette That Reflects Your Unique Style

Oct 22



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