i'm angela, and I have a feeling your journey might sound  a lot like mine..

this all started as
my little creative outlet...

The date was February 10th, 2010. Blogs were on the rise, Pinterest was by invitation only, and Instagram wasn't even born yet. I was sitting at my desk (while working as an office assistant for a live sound company) and just hit publish on my very first blogger blog post. 

It was an adrenaline rush and my creative endorphins were at 100.  I was immediately hit with this huge realization.

My purpose was to make the world a more inspiring place through design.  For the years to come, this little 'creative outlet quickly turned from a passion to a purpose.

a design studio for the passionate, ambitious, and honest brand

Saffron Avenue

i'm here to take you to the next level through strategic branding & heart-driven design

the numbers

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years of design experience

confident & happy clients

book & magazine features

design & lettering awards





notes /

we are a design match if you ...

understand the value of creative design


committed to the design process


have a passion for your brand & business


appreciate art and hand-crafted details


value integrity driven to grow authentically


to help you create an intentional, strategic, and Hand-crafted brand & website that will give you confidence

so you can attract your ideal client and take your business to the next level

The Mission

That title didn't come from 4 years in a design school or hours of online education. I've been creating since I can remember. From teaching myself how to sketch still life at 8 to being the girl in High School to spend hours on the actual project presentation than the project itself. (my binders were always 100% ;)

Art and creativity is in my veins. My mother could paint tiny Christmas scenes on eggs, my brother did photography/videography, my dad went to school for structural drafting and my sister studied interior design.

your brand stylist, art director and design expert

There was never a doubt in my head that I wouldn't be an artist. I just had to figure out what exactly that looked like for me.


hi, i'm Angela

Saffron Avenue was born back in 2011/2012 as my creative outlet (when I wanted to be a wedding planner ;). That simple little outlet soon soon evolved into my passion for patterns, colors, typography and lettering.

Becoming a graphic artist lit a fire in me that I didn't know existed.  I still feel that same passion and excitement starting to sketch a new logo as I did 10 years ago. Visualizing and bringing a brand to life is my happy place.

and getting to see clients have confidence and love for their brand will forever fuel my soul



he's sassy but sweet.
he's crazy but cuddly.
he's little but loud.

HE'S OUR EVERYTHING and can't imagine
our life with out him :) 

P.S. He's name after the one of the greatest, Stephen Curry (and not after the spice ;)

little mini-doxie

meet the cutest


I also started planning parties in high school ;)

Watched The Wedding Planner and decided it was my calling.


Graduated H.S. and proceeded to get my Bachelors Degree in communications and psychology


I would sneak into the office nights/weekends to teach myself the design programs. I fell in love with stationery!

Interned and started working with a local wedding planner


Graduated college and worked part-time planning and as an office manager for a live sound company.


And still planning all kinds of parties! From birthdays, showers, etc

You can peek at the revolution of that HERE. This was my first creative outlet and where I fell in love with blogs & design.

Started the 'witty and in love' blog on blogger!


packed up my car, quit my job, and moved to Wilmington, NC to become a planner!


+ Worked for dessert studio as the manager and Cake designer. {I designed Minkus's / Mouth's wedding bar}!

+ Started an Etsy shop selling patterns and 'calling cards' HERE

+ Also worked for a marketing company. That's when Salted Ink and I started MINT 102.

Went official with Saffron Avenue and FELL IN LOVE with logo design & taught myself  calligraphy


Officially went full time w/Saffron Avenue & moved back home to Wisconsin

Launched my online shop {peek at that here}

Got engaged and became one of Style Me Pretty’s first Blogger Brides


got married, got our pup and bought our first home. saffron ave started to really grow!


And the story continued..

working with a former miss usa, an nba player, bloggers, and all kinds of creatives!  


my story

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Thank you so much for peeking at my NEW SITE! I thought it would be fun to take a quiz after browsing around! (yes, with incentives ;)

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