Why I Moved my Website From Wordpress to Showit

Why I moved my Website from WordPress to Showit…

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Aug 30

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  1. Alis says:

    I used WP and I’m sill using it on a lot of websites, even for my clients. Its capacity to be fully customizable is its strenght. Of course you have to learn a bit of coding… simce you want to sell themes and call yoursel a designer ;) but as for ShowIt even WordPress has its documentation with the examples about hoe to use their codes. Also, a lot of webdesigners during the years published tons of tutorials about doing… everything. There’s a huge WP support forum and plugin forum, like there are anti-spam plugins and free security plugins and backups. For what I read maybe you didn’t dig enought in the WP world… but a drag and drop platform has its design limits!

    • Angela says:

      Same here! I have clients I still design and build WP sites for, because it is so powerful with what it can do! When I first started back in 2011 (I think) that’s when I first taught myself wordpress and taught myself code. Then I realized how much I hated PHP and loved designed much more, so now I have an developer :) – But yes, still a wordpress fan (and my blog still is so I can get all the good plugins), but never realized how easy the drag and drop of showit is as a designer!

  2. Mable says:

    Great article!
    If you were curious, Squarespace does have plugins through a site called square.studio. You can’t access them specifically from the squarespace site, but through third parties!

    And you can use Shopify Lite to do-e-commerce through Show.it! It’s super cluth!

    • Angela says:

      I’m super tempted to learn squarespace..as I hear it is still quite customizable! And yes! My shop is on showit and just uses that Shopify buy bottom, so awesome! I’m also currently testing woocommerce through showit..so hopefully someday that can work too 👌🏼

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the in depth breakdown of WordPress vs. Showit. I’ve been contemplating on which platform to start my website. My head is starting to hurt with all the options out there. But this article helped to narrow it down. I also love the drag and drop feature of Showit. The price is a bit high for blogging (Advanced option). But I guess it’s expected since the site will be hosted by Showit. I don’t like the limited storage. I feel it can be a bit more.

    I have a question…do you think it is a good idea to use Showit as the platform to host a small online magazine? The foundation of the site will be the ability to produce a number of articles every week or month.

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