Coming atcha with Volume No.2 of the Tuesday Type Tips Series! This one might use the same accent font as last week..but pairing it with this classic type feels so different!

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Tuesday Type Tips / How to Use Helvetica in Your Brand

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The Comeback of the Helvetica Font Family

Last week I talked about the difference between fonts & types, so this week I thought I’d focus on one HUGE font family, Helvetica. In the past year or so it’s been making its ‘comeback’ per se. I’ve been seeing it in brands, posters, packaging, you name it. So, what better way than show you a couple of ways on how to use Helvetica in your brand to give it some personality & creativity!

How to Use Helvetica in Your brand

I’m not trying to knock American Airlines (below), but I personally just don’t LOVE their brand, it is what it is. The Helvetica type is actually is used in a TON of very popular logos. Target, Scotch, Jeep, Toyota, JCPenney, you name it. And although I do think they have stood the test of time (for the most part), they are all a tad boring..IMO ;)

How to Use Helvetica

I wanted to show you a way to use Helvetica in your brand but with a touch of personality and creativity!

All Caps vs Regular

When you keep a font all caps it will feel stronger, serious, modern, and clean. On the flip side, if you don’t do all caps it will feel more playful, less serious, and a bit younger. So, if you are using it in your brand, decide which style aligns with you most, the bold/strong version or the young/playful version. – P.S. I’m using Helvetica Neue Bold below.

How to Use Helvetica

Pair Helvetica with lettering, script, or a serif

When using Helvetica with a font style that has more detail (script or serifs), it will feel much more creative and personable. I used a variety of different fonts below paired with Helvetica Neue Medium to show you how different it can feel when paired with a fun font.

How to Use Helvetica

How I used Helvetica in the Monday Muse pre-made Brand

I recently used Helvetica in the Monday Muse brand HERE (which still has a couple available)! You’ll see how pairing it with a script and playing with the text alignment and layout makes it feel fresh & creative. P.S. I’ll be sharing how I recently customized this brand for a customer too!

How to Use Helvetica

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