Stylish Logo Design for Modern Coaches & CEOs

I have been busy designing the first couple of semi-custom brands for my customers and wanted to start sharing the brand transformations with you. Each one is so unique, which makes these semi-custom brands that much better!

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Stylish & Edgy Semi-Custom Brand Transformation for The Blaire House

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The Chosen Semi-Custom Brand

Brooke over at The Blaire House chose the Jade Social Haus semi-custom brand, which was perfection! This premade brand is stylish, bold, modern, and oh-so-edgy. It was a match made in heaven and I think you’ll see why ;)

Sans Serif Stylish Logo

The Stylish & Edgy Semi-Custom Brand Transformation

Is this not the best brand transformation!? When you purchase a semi-custom brand I literally am spending a day tweaking it just for you. We tweaked the colors (with that pop of neon), swapped out a couple of the fonts, customized a new monogram, edited the brand marks, and created a new pattern for her!

Take a peek at her new brand!

Stylish Logo Design for Modern Coaches & CEOs

Why a Semi-Custom Brand Might be Perfect for You..

(besides the fact that you’ll have a new brand from start to finish in just a week ;)

ONE /  Do you look at your current logo and either hate it or are embarrassed by it? A semi-custom could be the answer

TWO / Are you uninspired to create branded graphics, new products/services, etc because of your brand? I could re-inspire you ;

THREE / Do you want to update your website but all-over-the-place with your colors, fonts, and brand? You could walk away with all that next week

FOUR / You simply do not have anything in place except for a very simplistic typed-out logo from a font on the creative market. A semi-custom comes with #allthethings

FIVE  / You have a brand, but just desperately need an update. A refresh of colors or even fonts. Semi-customs can be the perfect ‘refresh’ when we merge them together

SIX / You quite honestly do not have the budget OR the time to invest in a full custom brand (ie: $6-10k and 3-4 months). Yup, my semi-customs are a fraction of the cost and are done within a week of your start date!

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