The nursery is done! (Well, mostly done ;) I’m actually sitting in our nursery recliner/glider writing this post, with the window cracked open, sipping my decaf coffee and listening to the birds. This space has quickly become my favorite spot in the house. When we found out we were pregnant, I had so much fear, […]

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Our French-Inspired Nursey Makeover for Baby M

Interior Inspiration

The nursery is done! (Well, mostly done ;) I’m actually sitting in our nursery recliner/glider writing this post, with the window cracked open, sipping my decaf coffee and listening to the birds. This space has quickly become my favorite spot in the house.

When we found out we were pregnant, I had so much fear, emotion, you name it..especially those first 18 weeks or so. BUT, the one thing that brought me ‘peace’ in a way, was getting to plan out and design her nursery. Room makeovers are my jam, and this one, by far had the most meaning. It was also surreal building a crib ;)

Our French-Inspired Nursery

Here’s the thing, we weren’t sure if we were going to find out gender or not, but I found this wallpaper below and knew I wanted to go with a slight Parisian/French twist…because I’ve been dying to use chinoiserie! To be honest, even if we were having a boy, I’d probably do something very similar ;)

I wanted the nursery to feel different, not typically ‘baby girl’ if you will. So yeah, I’ve heard it doesn’t necessarily look like a nursery, but I freaking love it. It feels elevated, calming, classic, and just perfect. I don’t know how long we’ll actually live here, but I do have a feeling we’ll be in this room a lot, which I love.

The Nursery Paint Color

As you know, almost every room in our house is very neutral white/creme. We did this purposefully for future re-sale, but, my husband was more than okay to change it up for her room. I picked a few Farrow & Ball colors like Mizzle and Cromarty (both gorgeous), but my husband actually recommends we go even darker with Pigeon. I was nervous it was too dark…

It was the first time he had an opinion on paint color, and I am SO GLAD I actually listened to him :)

Pigeon is the PERFECT muted blue/green/grey chameleon color. And, because I wasn’t about to drop $$$ on F&B paint, I actually used Chris Loves Julia’s recommended paint match for Sherwin Williams. When the light hits in the morning it’s a softer, slightly blue-hue. And at night it warms up and darkens into a beautiful subtle-green color.

The Nursery Crib & Chair

When going with the French-inspired nursery vibe, I knew I wanted a gold or rod-iron crib. I found the Vintage Gold Abigail Crib from Namesake and was instantly sold. It was also our first big purchase for her, and again, putting it together was such a crazy experience for us (we are having a baby)!!

The Crewe Recliner/Glider

When on the Namesake site I couldn’t help but want one of their nursery glider chairs. I read great reviews about them (saw a lot of Instagram posts referencing them) and soon added one to my registry. However, I wasn’t sure if/when I would actually. So, I reached out to them and asked if they would be up for a collaboration..and they were! What!?

I was so excited, and LET ME TELL YOU, the Crewe Recliner and Swivel Glider (in Ivory Boucle) is the most comfortable seat in our entire house. You can ask my husband, especially considering all of our other furniture is MCM with low backs and no head support ;) The cushion is the perfect comfort/firmness, it reclines, rocks and it even glides. I do have to note, it’s definitely higher up, so we might get a little footstool next to it for me to rock (but we’ll see if I even need one :).

P.S. they ever-so-kindly gave me a 15% code with you too :) NSANGELAM15

The Little Details…

These little frames above and the wood rocking chair are actually from my own childhood bedroom :) And the gold floral art below was a vintage find near where I had my baby shower. I love that I have a balance of old and new, it definitely makes it feel so much more personal.

These peonies look fake, but they are from my garden! ‘Duchesse de Nemours’

Baby M’s Quilt

I have to share the story behind this quilt :) – My grandma was the queen of quilts and would gift them to all of us grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Because my Grandma is no longer with us, my Aunt asked if she could do the honor of making Baby M a quilt. It was the sweetest thing and I know there was so much heart behind it.

At my baby shower a few weeks ago, I grabbed the first gift..and it was this. And yes, it brought me straight to tears (well, a lot of us), especially hearing what inspired her and the details it involves.

TULIPS // My favorite flower, as most may know ;) The best part is I’ve always loved them because of my Grandma. I’ll never forget her purple tulips each spring and her garden beds.

ACORNS // The Oak tree is symbolic of strength & endurance and a single acorn is capable of becoming countless Oak trees.

TWO CHICKADEES // A friendly midwest bird to symbolize unity and loyalty driven by love.

BABY M // Embroidered on a ribbon and placed on top of a doily crocheted by my great-grandma and gold-speckled tulle from my grandparent’s 50th anniversary in 1997 (how beautiful is that)!

FLOWERS & BEES // Bees provide such a role in life on Earth and their dependence on flowering plants.

LILY of the VALLEY // My aunt’s favorite flower and a symbol of purity and innocence (p.s. how fitting that I have some for decor in her nursery already)!

DRAGONFLY // A symbol of transformation and new beginnings, which is absolutely fitting for this journey becoming a momma.

BUNNY & SHEEP // Both symbolize fertility and innocence and are very fitting for the woodland/fairy-inspired squares.

FUNGI MUSHROOMS // A mushroom can symbolize finding the light in the darkness and transformation and change. They are one of the most fascinating organisms on Earth.

She did such an amazing job and I am SO insanely grateful for this gift to give to our baby girl. Although, I don’t think I’ll let her actually touch it ;)

The Nursery Before & After

I just have to share the beautiful transformation! The best part, we immediately made the decision to actually replace our carpet. We just knew the original carpet was not only terrible quality but had pet stains from the previous owner. So, just the carpet transformation was exciting in itself :)

The Product Links :)

The RECLINER & CRIB are both Namesake and of course, a few things were vintage/thrift so those are one of a kinds ;)

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  1. Kelsie says:

    everything about this nursery is stunning! You have such an eye for detail, I can’t think of anything more perfect. Congrats! :)