Why I Chose a Medley Modern Beige Sofa Sectional for Our Home

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa For Our Home

Deerwood Home

Feb 11

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  1. Karyn Soltis says:

    Love your style and my daughter is looking for a sofa and I KNOW she will love this!!! I want it!

    • Angela says:

      Aww, I’m still so obsessed! And, I’ve spilled something on it and Folex took it right out :) – P.S. starting tomorrow they are going to have a sale for Earth Day and going to plant trees for each product sold :) I believe the code is: MORETREES

  2. Doug says:

    Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are awaiting our Medley couch order (went with the Rio Sofa XL but same fabric as yours) and how it looks is EXACTLY what we are looking for. Good to hear it does well against spills as well.

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