I’ve officially have had our Medley sofa for 6 weeks. This means I’ve already sat in it for hours on end and can give you my thoughts :) Because a sofa purchase is such a big deal, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it in detail about why I chose a Medly sofa […]

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Why I Chose a Medley Sofa For Our Home

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I’ve officially have had our Medley sofa for 6 weeks. This means I’ve already sat in it for hours on end and can give you my thoughts :) Because a sofa purchase is such a big deal, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it in detail about why I chose a Medly sofa for our home.

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa
Why I Chose a Medley Sofa


And original vision is COMING TO LIFE!

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

Why I chose a medley sofa for my home?

Well, let’s take it back to May 2020, a month before moving out of our first home. I started the process of sofa searching. And friends, I don’t even want to know the amount of HOURS I have searched online. Some days I would spend 3 hours straight just searching from site to site.

I actually started the search early simply because I knew it could take 8-12 weeks for delivery. But, little did I know how hard it would be to find ‘the one’. 

After we moved, I realized I really wanted a chaise sofa because it would be perfect for the space. Not only that, I also knew I wanted a lighter color as well as a nod to Mid-Century mod. 

So, the search continued. 

I received about 50 swatches from companies ranging from Crate & Barrel, Macys, Restoration Hardware, Article, Poly & Bark, Medley, etc. That was great, but now came the decision to dive into the reviews..

I stumbled on Medley early on because I LOVED their story (a family-owned business), the use of eco-products, and the hand-made quality. Of course, my husband was nervous about the cost (especially when it came to a cream sofa). So, I kept them in the back of my mind…

And I continued on…. 

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

No joke, in the span of about 3 months, I put about 4-6 sofas in my cart. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. The reviews just made me nervous!

If you are anything like me, spending $2k+ on a sofa is a big deal..and it better last. Right?!

But yet, most sofa reviews said their fabric would pill constantly or stretch out, the cushions would sink in and lose hold, the frame would make noises, and a lot just were not comfortable.

So, back I went back to Medley ;) 

Here’s the reasons why…

No.1 // They focus on sustainability, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

They do not use harsh chemicals like fire retardants, dyes, heavy metals, VOC glues, carcinogens, etc (that are common in mass-produced furniture).  – See HERE

They use hardwood or bamboo, not plywood (like most) and their fabrics & foam are certified for the highest in the industry. 

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa
Why I Chose a Medley Sofa
Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

No.2 // It’s family-owned & local!

I love this so much :) You know when you are talking to someone on chat, support, etc. You know it’s an actual person, and possibly even a family member :) Not only that, but it’s all made in California.

No. 3 // The warranty

Lifetime warranty on the frames for the lifetime of the product (springs/woods/etc). The filling and cushions have a 10 year resiliency warranty. Fabrics have a 5 year warranty (normal wear and tear are inevitable). 

So..that first one, it’s huge. We had a 5 year warranty on our last sofa. Guess what, 3 months after it passed, the ottoman frame busted and now 6 years in, the sofa springs are making some crazy noises. SO yeah..the warranty is a big deal. 

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

No.4 // The Reviews

I’m a review researcher. Especially when it comes to something I know I have to invest a lot of money in. So, I go beyond just reading the testimonials on the companies company’s site..I dig much deeper.

I found past customers on Instagram and read through their comments (even reached out to a few) as well as did a Google deep dive on the company. And no joke, they had so many GOOD reviews. Thinking back, I believe most of the bad reviews had to do with shipping time. Which, let’s be honest, it’s Covid season! So, delayed so delays are inevitable. Plus, their customer service was super quick and so kind.

P.S. the actual delivery company could have done a little better (they didn’t use gloves or take their shoes off)..but, it is what it is.

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

My SOFA Choice

Mota Chaise Sectional Left with Zavis Legs // 

The Mota Sectional is BEAUTIFUL! I’m such a fan of mixing that neoclassical style with mid-century-mod..and this sofa does it just right. The depth is great, the Zavis legs are beautiful and the height is perfect. It’s shorter than our last, so although it’s bigger, it doesn’t feel nearly as clunky.

CentriPUR Poly Foam Cushion & Fiber Pillows // 

The sofa is firm, but not uncomfortable at all. I personally prefer a firmer sofa since I work from the couch SO MUCH. But if you are looking for a different style they have Down and Wool to choose from have down filled cushions.

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

Texture Oyster Fabric // 

The Oyster color is BEAUTIFUL!! I chose it for a few reasons (cost) and the shade is the perfect warm/cool mix (which fits my home perfectly). — They have one that is super soft, I just wasn’t prepared to pay a lot more for it ;)

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

FINAL Thoughts

I’m SO damn happy we pulled the trigger! I was NERVOUS, to say the least. Nervous I wasn’t going to like it, nervous it was going to be uncomfortable and nervous that it wasn’t was as great of quality as I expected. But, so far, it’s perfect. It’s me, my style, and something I can see us having for years! 

Why I Chose a Medley Sofa

P.S. Here’s a Before & After!


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  1. Karyn Soltis says:

    Love your style and my daughter is looking for a sofa and I KNOW she will love this!!! I want it!

    • Angela says:

      Aww, I’m still so obsessed! And, I’ve spilled something on it and Folex took it right out :) – P.S. starting tomorrow they are going to have a sale for Earth Day and going to plant trees for each product sold :) I believe the code is: MORETREES

  2. Doug says:

    Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are awaiting our Medley couch order (went with the Rio Sofa XL but same fabric as yours) and how it looks is EXACTLY what we are looking for. Good to hear it does well against spills as well.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I loved this post, your sofa searching journey sounds eerily similar to mine right now! I keep coming back to the Medley Mota sofa, and I very much appreciated your review. Would you mind giving an update on your sofa now that you’ve had it a little longer? Is it holding up and are you still enjoying it?

    • Angela says:

      Hi there! I am more than happy too ;) The sofa is amazing and I am still so glad we made the leap. The quality of it has held up so well (no pilling of fabric, no squeaking, no issues, etc). We went with the foam/poly which is definitely firm, so if you want more of a lounge style/comfort, I would recommend choosing something else for the pillows at least. I personally love the firmness, as my back rarely hurts on this sofa compared to our old one. My only ‘complaint’, which isn’t really a complaint but a choice I made, is that the color I chose definitely can show stains (obviously ;) BUT, I freaking love the look, so I’m not made about it, and know we’ll be doing a deep clean soon. Oh, and so far the chaise cushion hasn’t really shown an impression, considering it’s the only cushion I cannot really flip around. I hope this helps!

      • Lindsey says:

        Thank you so much for the in depth reply! I appreciate you taking the time to give such a thorough review, I feel even more convinced to get the Medley Mota now!