Oh friends…this post has been drafted for months, and I don’t know why I care so much. All I know is that it’s scary to post, but it’s honest, and more than anything, it’s something that I think is important to put out there in hopes to educate and possibly help others. With that being […]

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My Beautycounter Before and After – How it changed me…


Oh friends…this post has been drafted for months, and I don’t know why I care so much. All I know is that it’s scary to post, but it’s honest, and more than anything, it’s something that I think is important to put out there in hopes to educate and possibly help others. With that being said, I wanted to share with you my BEAUTYCOUNTER Before & After, hoow it has changed my confidence, my life, and my well-being. I realize I haven’t really been posting nearly as much about Beautycounter as before (because I’ve received a few comments, responses, etc asking to not share it as much). But this post is necessary.

If you have previously landed on my first post HERE, you’ll see why I decided to take the leap and not only be a consultant (which I suck at) but use the product and give it an honest try. Simply because I have been struggling with terrible breakouts and issues since I started my business back in 2012. I never broke out much in high school, barely in college..but owning my business has done a number on me. As a little re-cap, BEAUTYCOUNTER is one of the very few companies that are truly fighting our government to regulate the ingredients that are being put into our beauty products. Because, seriously, it’s frightening to realize how much bad (toxic) stuff is actually soaking into our skin.

BeautyCounter Before & After Review

With that, I was happy to give it a try. But honestly, I knew it wouldn’t make a difference in my face. Why, you ask? Because I have tried everything under the sun, from high-end products, masks, natural oils, stronger (harsher) products, drinking more water, cutting out some foods, and literally testing a new product every 6 months. But nothing worked. I wouldn’t leave the house for days, I was constantly trying to cover it up, wearing hats, you name it. It sucked, I hated it, and more than anything, it was simply embarrassing being in my mid to late 20s with acne.

But, then after a few months, I started to notice a change. My face didn’t clear up right away by any means, but it was starting to feel smoother and look brighter. No joke, my husband would randomly touch my face and comment how smooth it was (that has NEVER happened before). After another month or so I began to notice a huge decrease in the breakouts. They weren’t happening as often (you know, right after the last break up cleared up)..and weren’t as bad in general.

Then after almost 10 months…it both felt and looked totally different (to me, anyway). I wasn’t wearing as much makeup, it didn’t take me nearly as long to get ready, I was more confident, and more than anything after about 5 years of this stress-induced adult acne…I wasn’t getting my monthly breakouts. WHAT?!

So for someone who is very self-conscious about their face, I am sharing my before after (with my terrible camera resolution) because it HONESTLY has made such a difference for me. This is very hard for me to share because it hurts to look at it (and remember how my face actually did hurt) and it’s so beyond personal for me.. but it shows you the difference. No foundation on (just eye makeup-ish), no edits, just my clean face in a 10 month period.

So here it goes…


I do realize the before pic is dead of winter and at one of my most stressful months, and the after is Fall with a slight tan (which helps), but either’s a world of difference for me (even with still having blemishes).


With that being said, I thought I would share my routine and all the other factors that I think have contributed to this change (because I think an entire lifestyle change made a big difference too)! See that post HERE.

– I started off using the Essential Nourishing Collection (perfect for beginners..and love you get cleanser and exfoliator).

– I did receive a No.1 oil (HERE) which has awesome reviews, but it actually did cause tiny little bumps on my forehead so I just do a tiny bit on my neck and after in my eye cream.  

– I drink much more water than before and also start off with tea in the morning.

– I workout 6 days a week, start with 1 mile of HITT on the treadmill and then about an hour of lifting.

– I wash my face in the morning, I’ll wash it again before I workout (only if I have makeup on), I wash it in the shower after my workout (with the CHARCOAL BAR HERE only), and then again at night. — The charcoal bar is amazing, highly recommend (I use it on my body too).

– I more recently started to cut out dairy, sugar, and wheat/corn, etc. Partially because of doing whole30 (see more HERE), but noticed how much sugar affects my face and dairy affects my stomach.

– In October I switch to use the Countertime Rejuvenating Collection. I was nervous to switch it up but glad I did! I am still using the cleanser, almost out of the day cream, and just finished the eye cream. Their products really do last longer (I swear they do)!

– In the last month, I also started trying the new Countermatch Adaptive Lotion and Eye Rescue Cream. However, I think I like the Nourishing or Countertime products better (personal preference).

– I also switch between using the No.2 and my favorite No.3 facemasks (the No3 I use as a spot treatment at night too). I freaking love them!

– Lastly, I actually use a ton of other products, but these are my face routine. And I have to say, the toner pads are a favorite (HERE).

Screenshot 2018-02-20 23.04.25

Screenshot 2018-02-20 23.04.51

Okay, so I know that was a ton of information (sorry). But because it’s something I use, trust, and honestly do love, I think it’s worth sharing with you (right)?  It’s something that has truly made a difference in my life and kind of pissed I didn’t try it sooner.  And of course, If anyone has questions, HIT ME UP, I’m more than happy to answer any questions!

Sidenote: Please know that I still do get my blemishes..but it now only happens when I eat terribly for a few days OR if I’m completely stressed out around my period. BUT, it never get’s as bad as it used too, not even close.

So, I hope my transparency and honesty is helpful.  I think if you are struggling with breakouts or issues like I did just don’t be scared to try more natural products (even if it’s not BEAUTYCOUNTER), you’d be surprised what they can do you for you both short-term and long-term :)

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  1. You are beautiful, with and without acne, but I know it’s so hard to see past these things. I’ve slowly been replacing all of my beauty products with natural ones and this makes me want to do it even quicker! Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like you’re going to help more people than you realize with this one!

    • Angela S says:

      You are too kind :) And yes, once I started using it for my face..I felt weird using other lotions on my body, hair product, etc so I’m all decked out with safer products now ;)

  2. Olivia says:

    Hey! We hung out at CampWed a few years ago :) So thankful for this post! I’m currently completely changing my diet- almost full Vegan- switched all beauty products over to natural and still battling adult acne! I have been so curious about Beautycounter and will for sure try it now :) Do you use their shampoo & conditioner? I heard of someone who switched theirs to Beautycounter and even that helped clear their acne.

    • Angela S says:

      Awe, how are you!? Yes, I think doing whole30 and cutting all sugar (even honey) was what really helped with the recurrence of any spots. And yes, I highly recommend it (obviously) even starting small with a cleanser or a charcoal bar. Let me know if you have question, I’m here if you need help!

    • Angela S says:

      Oops, and I do use their shampoo/conditioner. Which has lasted FOREVER, I’m finally just now running out of my first set and trying their new line!