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Feb 26

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  1. Wow, Angela, your results are inspiring! Although I know it was likely not AT ALL easy, you make it look like these lifestyle changes are doable for anyone :) looking forward to taking your tips and running with them to help achieve my fitness goals this year.

    • Angela S says:

      Awe, thank you! AND I do think I have it just a little bit easier because my husband is doing it too..and we both work from home. So we motivate each other to workout, and we don’t have any bad food in our house! — But yes, a month of Whole30 also means we don’t have much of a social life!

      • That is definitely key! I have had mild success implementing healthy changes in to my lifestyle on my own, but find MUCH more success when my husband is on board to accountability partner with me.

        Best of luck in your latest Whole30 journey! That is the next initiative I am going to try out in this new year (cheese… oh how I will miss you so!) :)

  2. Wow! You look amazing Angela. Definitely more definition, loving those abs girlfriend! Also, always remember that when it comes to fitness, looks, or just plain life, never compare your insides to someone else outsides. Strive to be the best YOU can be. Happy New Year! And thank you for being an inspirations. You look awesome!

    • Angela S says:

      That was one of the biggest challenges I faced early on too..way to my comparison! I think as I got more and more comfortable with it and confident I compared less and less. And thank you for always chatting with me..I can always count on you ;)

  3. Dani Mead says:

    Wow, this sounds SO MUCH like me… “how does anyone ENJOY working out?”, “Not a morning workout person”, “Takes time out of my day where I could be doing something more productive”.
    I use these excuses every time I start a workout routine (that never becomes a routine).
    Your hard work, motivation, dedication and creative twist on health and exercise has clearly paid off. You look fabulous and are inspiration to so many other women out there. Kudos on your bravery and thank you for sharing :) You’re a super star!

    • Angela S says:

      Yes..I honestly could never understand when people said the like to workout (and early around 5 or 6am)..ummm no thank you, ha! And thank you for the kind words too, that means a lot!

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