Tis the season for healthy eating, meal planning, new workouts, and trying your best to make it all into a habit that actually lasts beyond 21 days. Well, it’s definitely not easy and it’s been a rough road for me to actually accept a new lifestyle and make big changes. A year ago I still […]

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My Health and Fitness Transformation + Things I’ve Learned…

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Tis the season for healthy eating, meal planning, new workouts, and trying your best to make it all into a habit that actually lasts beyond 21 days. Well, it’s definitely not easy and it’s been a rough road for me to actually accept a new lifestyle and make big changes. A year ago I still hated working out, I hated the thought of not eating what I wanted, and I hated that I hated it all so much (if that makes sense). But, I did make some changes and thought I would share my health and fitness transformation with you today – and although it may not seem like the biggest transformation per say, it’s been a life-changer for me…(p.s this post scares the shit out of me to share)

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Yep, I despised working out and could not (and still cannot) understand how people ‘enjoy’ working out. I get it, they say they feel so great after and are able to go on with their day in a better mood. Well, for me, that’s definitely not the case. Yeah, I feel better after…but it’s more because it’s done and I don’t have to think about it for another 24 hours. I simply had a bad mindset. I felt that it took away a solid 2+ hours of my day that could be spent working or doing something for myself or business. This has been the hardest part for me..trying to appreciate it and ‘enjoy’ working out.


ONE :: I realized I did better when I worked out in the evenings. I was less distracted and way more creative after my workouts. I had more motivation to create, from reading business books, designing on my ipad, or thinking of new ideas/blog posts.

TWO :: I had to stop comparing myself to all of those damn Instagram fitness accounts! Friends, I would scroll through the explore page and start to feel super shitty about myself and wish I had a bigger butt and boobs. And you know what, some people (like me) are just not made to look like that. Trust me, I’ve been squatting heavy for over a year..and I still don’t have a bigger booty (womp womp)…but I am much stronger!

THREE :: I was much more motivated when my workouts and my workout binder was pretty. Every program I bought I would re-design the look of it so I was more motivated going through each set. –> Hence why I MADE THESE PRINTABLES HERE! – But no joke, it has oddly made a big difference for me.

FOUR:: I realized I prefer lifting over cardio…wayyy more. I’ll share more about this below, but seriously, I don’t know why I was so scared to lift, I love it!


6My Health and Fitness Transformation


ONE :: I started tracking my food and COUNTING MACROS using My Fitness Pal and it helped me understand what I was eating and when I needed to eat it (aka: carbs before workouts, protein after, no sugar late in the day, etc). Highly recommend. You can use the meal planners HERE too.

TWO :: I started to do Intermittent Fasting..and to this day it’s by far been the most beneficial in terms of seeing a change in my body. It’s a bit different for women, as you need to make sure to do it right and it doesn’t mess with your hormones, but it’s something I would rather do than cardio ;) This can be done 2x a week (on non-lifting days), and on my off days I try to get my last meal in around 6:30-7pm and then not eat again until 9:30-10am the next day.

THREE ::I did whole30 and actually loved it! I did a full post HERE and highly recommend doing it to help reset your body!

FOUR :: I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I don’t believe in strict calorie counting at all, but instead making healthier food choices with a treat here and there. Because let’s be honest, if I want dirty chai latte at 3pm when I’m running errands or a cookie when I’m at a friends house…I’m going to do it. I enjoy food way too much to strip it all from my life completely!

FIVE :: I started using safe beauty products (BEAUTYCOUNTER) which made such an amazing difference with my face (I’ll have to do a before/after of it too, it’s awesome).


When combing all of the above I was actually able to appreciate my body more (which I didn’t expect) and understand what worked best for me. I realized I loved lifting more than cardio, that I was eating too much sugar (causing breakouts), that dairy caused my stomach pains, that I’m not a morning workout person, and that I’m not doing it for other people…but doing it for myself. To feel more confident in jeans, to be able to wear less makeup, to understand how my body reacts to food, and to have more energy throughout the day.  And here’s my health and fitness transformation below ….. (again, frightening to share)

Before on left  |  After on Right
My Health and Fitness Transformation
My Health and Fitness Transformation


I’ve tried a handful of workouts and programs and thought I’d share some with you..

KATY HEARN FIT: My favorite so far (and work great with my Workout Template HERE). You do need either a gym membership or at least a power rack at home (like we do). I do have to sub a few of the cable workouts with band/dumbbell workouts. But I love this program and have been doing it for about 8 months.

SQUAT EVERYDAY:  This was more of a challenge to try and build up my squat numbers. I definitely recommend it if you want to start lifting!

ALEXIA CLARK: I have yet to do hers..but I absolutely love following her and if/when I’m ready to spend $30 a month, I’ll definitely sign up with her!

EMILY DUNCAN: This is going to be my next program to purchase, I follow her on instagram as well and adore her  (p.s. she’s got a podcast too:)

KAYLA ITSINES: As much as I hate cardio, this program really does work. I did it before my wedding and had pretty great results!


I made a pretty little freebie below that can help you track and review your monthly progress..and more than anything, help you appreciate the big changes you are making! Feel free to check out my Health & Fitness Planners HERE TOO!

My Health and Fitness Transformation

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  1. Wow, Angela, your results are inspiring! Although I know it was likely not AT ALL easy, you make it look like these lifestyle changes are doable for anyone :) looking forward to taking your tips and running with them to help achieve my fitness goals this year.

    • Angela S says:

      Awe, thank you! AND I do think I have it just a little bit easier because my husband is doing it too..and we both work from home. So we motivate each other to workout, and we don’t have any bad food in our house! — But yes, a month of Whole30 also means we don’t have much of a social life!

      • That is definitely key! I have had mild success implementing healthy changes in to my lifestyle on my own, but find MUCH more success when my husband is on board to accountability partner with me.

        Best of luck in your latest Whole30 journey! That is the next initiative I am going to try out in this new year (cheese… oh how I will miss you so!) :)

  2. Wow! You look amazing Angela. Definitely more definition, loving those abs girlfriend! Also, always remember that when it comes to fitness, looks, or just plain life, never compare your insides to someone else outsides. Strive to be the best YOU can be. Happy New Year! And thank you for being an inspirations. You look awesome!

    • Angela S says:

      That was one of the biggest challenges I faced early on too..way to my comparison! I think as I got more and more comfortable with it and confident I compared less and less. And thank you for always chatting with me..I can always count on you ;)

  3. Dani Mead says:

    Wow, this sounds SO MUCH like me… “how does anyone ENJOY working out?”, “Not a morning workout person”, “Takes time out of my day where I could be doing something more productive”.
    I use these excuses every time I start a workout routine (that never becomes a routine).
    Your hard work, motivation, dedication and creative twist on health and exercise has clearly paid off. You look fabulous and are inspiration to so many other women out there. Kudos on your bravery and thank you for sharing :) You’re a super star!

    • Angela S says:

      Yes..I honestly could never understand when people said the like to workout (and early around 5 or 6am)..ummm no thank you, ha! And thank you for the kind words too, that means a lot!