If we were to ever chat and you asked me what is one of my favorite things about our society today, I’ll probably say how unbelievably lucky we are as women to be in the midst of such strong female empowerment. I am by no means a super feminist, but I am however very thankful […]

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Where I started and why I’m celebrating Women!


If we were to ever chat and you asked me what is one of my favorite things about our society today, I’ll probably say how unbelievably lucky we are as women to be in the midst of such strong female empowerment. I am by no means a super feminist, but I am however very thankful to be living in the world right now with so many badass women…am I right!? With that, here’s to celebrating International Women’s Day (or if you’re like me, like celebrate it for a month :)

We are probably the first female generation that is truly fighting more for equality, success, and respect both in the world of business and life. We are amongst woman who are breaking through the glass ceiling and who are definitely not apologizing for it. And to think that us women, who are able to own small creative businesses can truly be successful, can support their families, and simply do something they love is pretty darn impressive, my friends.

{P.S. QVC compensated me for this post, but all reviews are mine}!

International Womens DayInternational Women's Day

So, when QVC reached out to me and asked if I would want to team up and spread the word of #DreamDareDo for the International Women’s Day Campaign, you know I was quickly on board. I don’t think you could ask for a better start to March :)

Not only that, but I may or may not watch QVC while I work (it really is a great show to have on in the background, especially the beauty products before and after ;). [Sidenote:] That’s actually where I fell in love with Mally Roncall (for those who are familiar with Mally beauty)…because she is sooooo fun to watch and beyond passionate about her product. I actually think she might be my spirit animal. I also linked to a favorite mascara of mine below. [end side-note]

International Women's Day
Okay, so as part of the campaign they asked that I share a bit more about how I became an entrepreneur and blogger, which is something I haven’t shared in awhile!

As some of you may know, ever since I was 13 I knew I wanted to own my own business and be a wedding planner in California (coming from the girl who lived in a town of 2,200 people in Wisconsin). But I had it planned and knew I would do whatever I could to make it happen…

International Women's Day

Of course, along the way, I dealt with some adversity. From parents and family worried it wasn’t a real career, friends who thought I would be “too scared” to ever move away, and constantly hearing that being an ‘artist’ and self-employed doesn’t really make money.

Well…that my friends pushed me harder. During college, I pushed my way into getting a paid-internship with a local wedding planner. Which allowed me to finally start creating and designing, something I was so passionate about. I would dedicate my nights and weekends off to sneak into the office and teach myself the design programs. I quickly realized how much I loved all aspects of design and honestly couldn’t get enough of it.

About 3 years later I packed up my tiny Hyundai (which could barely go up a hill without shutting off), quit my jobs, and moved myself to the east coast to pursue my dream. I struggled to find a job when I got there, and only gave myself a month to make it happen (or would move back home). I started to share much more of my designs on my blog and once that happened (when Pinterest started to boom), I found a niche for brand styling and in turn found my true love of graphic design.

Fast forward 6 years and I’m now getting to share my story. Share how I started with no experience, how I simply worked my tail off to do what I love, and how I became a female businesses owner that supports her own family.

Along the way, I also realized the importance of community over competition and how important it is to support other female entrepreneurs. I’ve been able to work with and collaborate with so many other women and even learn from them along the way…that is something you can never put a price tag on.

With that being said, when QVC did reach out and provide me with a list of their female entrepreneurs on QVC I landed on Perfect Formula..and bought it up right away to try.
International Women's Day

There are a couple things that will always win me over when it comes to trying and buying a new product. 1. The packaging is on point 2. It’s created and/or owned by a female (heck yeah female empowerment ;) 3. It has good reviews.

So, after giving it a try for a week, I wanted to share my honest opinion!

First off, the colors are GORGEOUS…you know I love me a good neutral nail. The bottles are pretty small, but I don’t know the last time I ever went through a full bottle before it got old. I did put on 3-4 coats (which is about normal when I do the Essie gel)..but this really feels like gel!

I actually tend to pick at my cuticles so much (even with the regular polish I put on at home) so whenever I get gel/shellac it really helps prevent that. But, I never go get my nails done because it’s too expensive. And guess what…I found a solution. This was the first time an at-home polish actually felt like a shellac and prevented me from touching my cuticles. What!? Insert the sound of popping some bubbly.

Also, their pink gel coat is a necessity for anyone who doesn’t have time to do a full polish. It took my ugly, yellow-ish nail and made it look 10x better. So that’s a win for me. — You can see it all HERE or below. — And of course, my pretty planners are over in my shop — HERE!

International Women's Day

Also, in honor of International Women’s Day, QVC® and participating vendors will donate a minimum of $250,000 to benefit NEST, a global nonprofit committed to the social and economic advancement of women by supporting female artisans who might not have the resources they need to flourish. Yay!!

Lastly, I posted other female entrepreneurs below to check out too! Cheers to strong women and happy International Women’s Day, ladies!



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  1. Wow. What a story…follow your dreams always. Happy International Womens Day!