Our Mid-Century Urban Garden Party Wedding - PT 1 - Saffron Avenue

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Our Mid-Century Urban Garden Party Wedding – PT 1

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  1. Yolonda Washington says:

    Love this. I especially love the tees. Great job! And Congratulations

  2. Siobhan Amelia Hattersley says:

    I love this photoblog! Your wedding looked amazing! Congrats! I love how minimalistic the decor was! xxx


  3. Kelsey says:

    I LOVE the leaves as centerpieces. They are so clean and simple, but such a great pop of beautiful color. You posted where you got your wholesale flowers and I was wondering if your leaves are from there as well? Or, can I ask, are they fake? They definitely look real, but I feel like it is easy to make fake leaves and succulents look real (sometimes). I am getting married in the spring. My colors are black, white, and gold, and I only want real color coming from plants/flowers.

    • Angela S says:

      HI there, the leaves/greenery are from Salt Harbor Designs (so real) I believe some of them came right from The Atrium where we got married. So, depending on where you live you can probably do the same thing with big greenery. And yes, I have a lot of fake greens in my house (leaves/succulents/plants) and they look pretty real!

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  5. Elizabeth Hamm says:

    This is so beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend time with those you love…renting a house together. Im curious when you hosting a large crowd how you split ip meals so you arent in the kitchen all day and can enjoy your guests. Any tips? I think I may just use your wedding as inspiration for my own. Congrats to the happy couple!

    • Angela S says:

      Thank you so much Elizabeth! The week of the wedding their was only 3 couples (including us) staying at a small beach house, so we just went shopping at costco and they just threw in some money. For the wedding, all guest arrived the day before (so before the rehearsal), we had snacks at the house, but then just had the rehearsal dinner. The morning of the wedding a couple bridesmaid just made a few pans of egg bake, and then just leftovers to snack on until the wedding!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks for responding! You have a wonderful community of friends and family. What a joy to celebrate with them! Congratulations again and enjoy newlywed life, you new home and puppy (!!!). You have such a great eye for design and I love reading about your adventures.

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