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Typically each year I share my New Years resolution and this year I wanted to also include a free printable template PDF.  I believe that the more you see something in front of you (like written notes, quotes, etc), the chances of it coming true or achieving it is more likely. I created a resolutions download for you […]

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This Is My Year :: Free Printable

Dec 30


Since I did a Mother’s Day card I thought I should definitely do a free printable Father’s Day card too! I switched up the style a bit and tried my best to make it more masculine! Feel free to download the 5×7 pdf HERE (with .125″ trim marks to guide you). Enjoy and wishing all of […]

Tutorials & Freebies

Free Printable Father’s Day Card

Jun 10


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I spent my time sitting at my desk working all weekend so I took a bit of a break this morning to create a free printable Mother’s Day card for you. I kept it pretty simple with my calligraphy and a floral print, which can be […]

Tutorials & Freebies

Free Printable Mothers Day Card

May 5


Well, look what I did…I actually posted about food and a little delicious holiday recipe! Last weekend a few of us girlfriends got together for a friends birthday/baby shower and I thought I would make little treats for everyone. Since I always crave chocolate I wanted to make my own peppermint hot chocolates on a […]

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Dec 17


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