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  1. I like what you have put together. It’s nice. Also, when it comes to buying a sofa, you’re completely right in saying you want to test it out. But if you find one online you really like, I suggest taking down the measurements, hit a local store with a sofa of the same measurements and similar style, and if it works, then the one online should work too. Congrats + Good luck!

  2. Melissa Proulx says:

    I am in the same situation! Sooo exciting! I love the EQ3 sofa! Check it out. I love your inspiration board! :)

  3. Natalia says:

    Looks fantastic, Angela! Chic, but comfortable for a guy to live in too. :)

  4. Noor says:

    I like this because it is very simple, clean and chic.

  5. Chelsea Otte says:

    We just got a sofa and loveseat that looks pretty similar from Hom furniture in Eau Claire.

    • Angela S says:

      That hilarious because I was eyeing that one up too, and I actually went to HOM in Onalaska, but didn’t see this one (or notice it). Do you like the quality?

      • Chelsea Otte says:

        We LOVE it! I have a one year old daughter and she has spilled on it and it wipes right off. It’s really nice that the back cushions aren’t attached so you can wash those covers too. The couch is amazing!

  6. Kristen says:

    Welcome to Madison! I love how clean your style is. Sofa shopping can be so hard. We ended up getting our grey sofa at Lazy Boy on the east side of Madison. Good luck in your move!

    • Angela S says:

      Thank you so much Kristen! And yes, quickly realizing how picky I am when it comes to sofas. I think we’ll be heading around checking out sofas in Madison so I’ll definitely have to drop by Lazy Boy!

  7. moschamco says:

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  8. Erika Steele says:

    Hey Angela,
    Congrats on the new place! I’m a bit late to the party…Not sure if anyone mentioned it or if you’re close to an Ikea but I love the Karlstad sofa. It retails for $499 and it’s a pretty gray and white woven fabric. There are various versions available too.
    Here’s a link and a pic.

    Good Luck with everything and keep us posted!

  9. […] for my inspiration, since my last living room design was a bit more modern and very crisp (see here) I wanted to get a bit warmer and welcoming. With that I want to use my already pink eames chair as […]

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