Ohh, I’m so excited to share with you my recent trip to the oh-so-beautiful Savannah, Georgia! I figured it would be easiest if I made a little Savannah Travel Guide for you, since I did my research and had a plan of attack while I was there for two days! First things first, Savannah is […]

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Savannah Travel Guide :: Field Notes


Ohh, I’m so excited to share with you my recent trip to the oh-so-beautiful Savannah, Georgia! I figured it would be easiest if I made a little Savannah Travel Guide for you, since I did my research and had a plan of attack while I was there for two days! First things first, Savannah is ADORABLE. It’s full of history, beautiful homes, instagram opportunities, small boutiques, gorgeous trees…etc. I’m in love, and want to go back immediately!


To start things off, let me just tell you about my stay at The Kimpton Brice Hotel…because it deserves it. This is the second time I’ve stayed at a Kimpton hotel, and friends…I don’t think I can go back to others now!  Below are a few of my reasons why I highly recommend staying at Boutique Hotels (and the Kimptons at that) over others.

  1. They are adorable. The Brice was an old horse stable (that burned down) as well as the first franchised Coca Cola bottling company. So tons of history in this building!
  2. Every single person is super sweet and welcoming (especially the doorman)
  3. Puppies can stay the night (and you know I love that)!!
  4. Free wine hour from 5-6pm, with light apps :)
  5. Fresh local coffee in the morning
  6. Free wifi (for those like me who can’t stop working)
  7. Beautiful interior and decor (hello amazing floors)
  8. Bathroom Items: They have full size shampoo/conditioner, and a list of items you can borrow!
  9. The robes are crazy comfortable :)
  10. And the photos below speak for themselves!

savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-2 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-3 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-4-1 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-4 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-5 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-6

Now onto a few places I visited and discovered during my short stay!


I couldn’t resist sitting and enjoying my latte at the most adorable cafe in all the land, Mirabelle Cafe + Suites. Bonus: As I was sitting and working a lady came in with a little dachshund! So double points for being dog friendly :)

savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-13 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-14 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-15

Ohhhh Jones Street, I can now understand why you were voted one of the most beautiful in North America. From the cobblestone streets, hidden gardens, white pillars, beautiful antique doors, to the tree covered streets. You my friend are quaint, charming, and timeless. P.S. can you just imagine living in one of these places…I’d die.


If you are in Savannah and do not stop and enjoy the view at Forsyth Park you are crazy. It actually felt quite magical, and can’t even imagine how beautiful and serene it is in the early morning. Not only that, but there are various other parks (squares) that you can visit too, all beautiful and a perfect spot for a picnic. P.S. it was very bright out during my stay, so I couldn’t capture the real life beauty I saw (so you’ll have to visit yourself ;)


For dinner my first night I knew I had to try Pacci Restaurant since it’s right inside of the Kimpton Brice hotel. It was delicious, from the bread, the cocktails, and the Italian dishes. They also made a great latte in the morning for me.


For those who like to shop (or window shop) you definitely need to check out Broughton Street, as it’s full of local and high-end shops (I’m talking to you Kate Spade). But, before you do, pop into Leopolds Ice Cream for a quick sugar high before hitting up those shops.

savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-7 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-8

Time to shop! First things first, I ran into this gem of a place and simply fell in love. I think The Paris Market is every girls dream shop. From the cafe, macarons, decor, mix of styles (men and women items, interiors, holiday), candles, local goodies, etc.. (I could go on and on). You have know idea how hard it was for me not to buy everything! I literally had only 3lbs left in my luggage (I don’t like going over that 50lb mark) or I would have bought up those candles and glasses in a heartbeat.

savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-17 savannah-travel-guide-saffron-avenue-18j

Aaaah yes, Chocolat by Adam Turoni, a fancy little chocolate shop that I could not step into. I actually have a soft spot for chocolate shops because one of my favorite movies growing up was Chocolat (with mr. johnny depp). And since I knew I had a couple days I figured buying just a few pieces wouldn’t hurt to hold me over. HIGHLY recommend the dark chocolate peanut butter cup (it was awesome).


While on Broughton Street you have to check out Savannah Bee Company! The have honey tastings, honey beverages, beauty products, coffee, etc. Once again, I wanted to buy a ton of honey…but again, didn’t have room :(


Last, but not least, a walk along River Street. Plenty of old buildings, small shops, dining, tours, riverboats, etc. I didn’t get to spend too much time here, but a must see!

Alrighty, with that being said here is a small Savannah Travel Guide that I used during my stay. I didn’t get to visit all of them, but I know I will again someday in the future..because this place is simply adorable.


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  1. Corina Nika says:

    So many beautiful places and spaces! Savannah you’re beautiful!

  2. Yolonda Washington says:

    First let me say these images makes me want to head to Savannah ASAP. Second, when I do make it there I must visit the Brice Hotel thanks to you you.

  3. Erin Ocheltree Bowman says:

    Love these! What camera do you use?! I LOVE these shots and I am in the market for a new camera!

  4. Michelle says:

    My heart hurts looking at your beautiful photos. My husband and I lived in Savannah for 4 years and I miss it so much. We were married there and our children were born there. We lived in a small apartment on Jones St for a bit and I gained a lot of baby weight eating at Leopold’s ;) Honestly, I’m not sure why we ever decided to move. Thanks for bring back some wonderful memories; you really captured the beauty of the city!!!

    • Angela S says:

      Awe, I love that though! I honestly came home and told my husband I wanted to try and visit again and maybe rent a home for a month (on Jones St. of course). There is just so much history and beauty that I need to go back!

  5. Marah Frank says:

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! I’m seriously considering visiting here this summer.

    Fashion Blog

  6. Mattison says:

    This entire post is so dreamy! Your photo skills are captivating! Can’t wait to go back and try some of these spots!

  7. Nicole says:

    I lived in that building before it was made into “The Brice” omg this is ironic. I found you a few years ago after I had worked as a confectionary artist for earth and sugar… I painted the Degas cake among many others , anyway I loved what you did to Janderyn’s website and I wanted to find out who… but know with this Savannah thing , I’m kinda trippin lol . I lived in that old Coca-Cola Building with my boyfriend who went to scad and was in furniture design, I ran the bakery and coffee at SOHO south. Crazy. Miss Savannah . I sent my Friend Nicki your info she maybe contacting you for her website, she sells Vintage rugs :) so fab. Ttfn nicole

    • Angela says:

      Wow, what a small world! Yeah, I think the Brice was pretty new when I visited, but I loved it! I loved Savanah in general, so I’m definitely a bit jealous you lived there! ;)

  8. Coco says:

    I will be visiting Savannah for this first time this week!
    I’m so excited, and your post is beautiful. I hadn’t heard of Pacci, and I wanted to stay at The Brice SO BAD (I love Kimpton Hotels) but alas, I saw photos of kitties laying on the beds, and I would die. (Achoo). Even more excited after reading this! xo

  9. Don Davies says:

    Savannah and it’s hotels? I miss it so much! Thanks for this field guide because I’m scheduled to visit the place next month! I really want to thank for the information on the hotels!