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  1. Fantastic typographic !! can you share the tutorial how did u made this LOVE!

    • Thank you so much!! It was pretty easy!
      1. In Illustrator type ‘LOVE’ (I used League Gothic) then outline the font.
      2. Find a pattern, fabric, or texture. (I found this lovely pattern from Lilly Pulitzer)
      3. With the Fabric Pattern create a square 200×200, 300×300, whatever your preference. Then drag that square into your color swatches. (This creates a pattern). – Sometimes it is difficult to get the right size, so you might have to try a few different sizes.
      4. Then click on LOVE, fill it with the swatch pattern you just made…and you are done!
      5. I did create an inner glow with black to make it have some depth.

      Thank you!

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