I wanted to share with you why I believe in Beautycounter, but first let’s quickly take it back to 2003 when I was just a youngin’ in High School. I had a part time job, was in a couple sports, and more than anything was lucky that I barely ever broke out (considering I was a […]

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Why I believe in BeautyCounter :: My Story


I wanted to share with you why I believe in Beautycounter, but first let’s quickly take it back to 2003 when I was just a youngin’ in High School. I had a part time job, was in a couple sports, and more than anything was lucky that I barely ever broke out (considering I was a teenager).  Then in college I took on a few part time jobs, maxed out my class credit load, and financially supported myself…which meant the blemishes started to appeared at least once a month (but again, not terrible). Now, fast forward to 2012 when I moved to North Carolina and started my business. Well, let’s just say my face took a turn for the worse….

Believe in BeautyCounter

Yes, it was mostly due to working too much (stress) and eating terribly (I was broke and lived off daily PB&Js, pop-tarts, and sandwiches). I honestly didn’t know what the heck was going on with my face…so that is when I became a product junkie. I didn’t have much money, but I was willing to try anything to make my face better, from ProActive, various masks, Clarins, manuka honey, Clinique, Arbonne, you name it, I probably tried it. BUT, nothing ever really worked and my breakouts got worse and worse.

Overall my face would go in spells, depending on my work load and my eating. Then about 8 months ago I vowed to drink more water and workout about 5-6 days a week and I saw some changes with my skin (because duh, healthy food and water will always do your body good), but stress would still affect me.

Then I splurged and bought BeautyCounter when it was at Target and thought why the hell not, I’ve tried everything else. I started to realize something, my big blemishes (you know, the ones that felt dime size under your skin) were appearing less and less. Not only that, but for some miracle the face wash and lotions lasted me months…which is rare for a girl who sometimes has to wash her face 3 times a day.  Then I started learning more about it because I knew it was a more ‘organic and natural’ brand..but I didn’t quite realize how serious that was until I did way more research.

Believe in BeautyCounter

I got pissed. No freaking wonder why my skin wasn’t getting better, just about everything I used was packed with ingredients that literally have research proving it can cause skin issues, effect the reproductive system, DNA damage, and even cancer. And you know what made me even more upset, is that my beautiful 4 year old niece and tiny 5 month old nephew could have that shit soaking into their skin. My sis is actually pretty good with using mostly Honest products…but there is so much out there that is not banned that we don’t even think of.

Believe in BeautyCounter

With that being said, I decided to join a consultant. Never ever would I think I’d be a consultant for anything like this because I’ll be honest, I really do not have time for it as I have enough on my plate in terms of work and income. BUT, when something like this has not only made a difference for me and my skin, but more importantly it is creating a movement to fight for congress to regulate the beauty industry. Because…

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938.

And that my friends is messed up.


Believe in BeautyCounter

I’ve used about 10 of their products to make sure I really can stand behind it (and how it works for me) before sharing with you..and friends, it has actually worked for me (insert praise emoji)!  For those who are wanting to give it a try you can check out my FAVORITES HERE or take a peek around the site here and ask me any questions you may have!  P.S. I still have a few samples so reach out if you want to try it before buying it!

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  1. Chelsea Burkholder says:

    I too have had continued breakouts throughout my 20’s and now at 30 it’s still happening! i try to eat well and am currently filling up my water glass (thanks for the reminder). I’ve switched to non-comedogenic products (face wash and moisturizer, basic mineral powders) which is helping, but lately I feel like my skin is just dry, aging, and looking old. WTH?! I just want the young dewy look back again!

    With that said, can you recommend what the heck to start with? I’m a creature of habit so I don’t necessarily want to switch EVERYTHING up just yet, but what would be your recommendation as a starting point?

    • Angela S says:

      Right!? Have you ever tried an oil in your moisturizer? I can send you more info on them and my experience if you want?

      • Chelsea Burkholder says:

        I have not because I just felt like I’d be a shiny mess then! I’d love to hear more…something I can just add into my normal moisturizer? ( if that’s easier)

    • Lucia says:

      Skin condition is affected also by what you eat, which is something we often like to ignore. You can have the best skincare, 100% bio and all that, but if you don’t eat well it will reflect on your skin. I use organic Argan oil for my skin in combination with some other natural products, but if I don’t eat well for a longer period of time, my skin will start looking dull and have breakouts. Same goes for wine, one glass too many and I look like a teenager the next morning =) Try to make changes in your diet, I think that would bring the fastest results compared to creams etc. More veggies, fruits and lots of water – avocado does wonders, both in food and also great as face mask.

      Lucia |

      • Angela S says:

        Yes, that’s actually what I started to do about 6 months ago and notice a big change in my overall skin! It’s sad that 5 years ago when I started my business (and was broke) I ate so terribly and didn’t even think to change my diet (which is sad because it’s the cheapest thing to really do). I’m going to try the avocado on my face (since I don’t like taste)!

  2. I would definitely be interested in trying some stuff out! But where to start??

    Unlike you, I’ve always had problem skin. In my mid-twenties I got it all figured out, but in the past year or two, my skin must have changed again! I do have some breakouts, but barely anything. My problem has now become having red dots popping up below my eyes (the area below and towards temples that makeup people always are applying highlighter). I feel like I’m applying so much concealer every day now to even it out :( I used to be able to put on a little under eye concealer, and maybe dab a little on the sides of my nose and any breakouts. Now I feel like I need to wear a full face of foundation (but I hate heavy stuff, so I’m always using a BB cream) and lots of concealer to cover up the red. Any idea which (if any) of the collections, or a mix of stuff, might help out with this problem? I’ve been spending my money at Lush cosmetics, which seemed to help for a week or two, and then the problem came back. I love that Beauty Counter cares about what they are putting in their products!

  3. Taylor Oakland says:

    Oh my gosh I would love samples! I have been wanting to try beauty counter for months but wasn’t ready to spend the money never having tried it before. Is it still available?

    • Angela S says:

      Hi there, I’ll check to see but I believe it is! Basically if you place any order (doesn’t matter on price) I’ll note that and send you the actual sample set of the nourishing face wash, day cream, night cream, etc.. That way you can try it out, because surprisingly the little bottle do last about week or so!