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  • You can start adding your page content if you choose
  • NOTE :: You will need to make sure your email is not hosted on your current site (ex: hostgator, bluehost, etc) but hosted with your domain or with another company. Ex: Gsuite, Godaddy, Outlook, etc. - If your email, domain, and hosting are all with the same company, reach out to them to make sure you can keep email + domain with them and just cancel your hosting in the future. To check, reach out to your domain and hosting company to see who's servers your emails are being kept on ;)
  • - Include if you have a support pin too.
  • If you are transferring a WP Blog or SS blog
  • If you are transferring a WP Blog
  • If yes, make sure you are on Showit Subscription 2 or 3 {Three allows custom plugins and transfer of over 50 posts}
  • Drop files here or

  • In order for me to get a better idea of your style & brand please link your Pinterest inspiration board below as well as any other website inspiration that you like.
  • Please list your HEX code color palette. Provide your palette starting with the top 3 colors ::
  • Please upload your .otf custom fonts
    Drop files here or
  • Let me know which font should be used for the TITLES, the HEADINGS, the SUBHEADING, and the PARAGRAPH.
  • Please place a google drive or dropbox link in here with all of your brand files (brand board, logo, monogram, elements, patterns, etc) It's recommended to use a .SVG {or a transparent .png}

  • List below the navigation used at the top of the site. Keep in mind, Showit doesn't use hover dropdowns (any dropdows requires the user to click on the text box for it to appear)
  • List the pages & links you want to include in your chosen template footer.
  • Highly recommended. If you need one you can get one here and use code SAFFRONAVENUE10 for a discount. https://products.shopcreativelaw.com/website-basics-bundle
  • I can help customize the signup form embed..I may need more information from you when we get to that point.

    With the template customization, you will receive a customized HOMEPAGE and ONE other page of your choice with ONE revision on each. Please DOWNLOAD the content planner below with the TWO pages you want to be customized. If you are needing additional pages customized please list them below and make sure you provide me with the Content Planner PDF for each page.
  • NOTE :: These pages are priced based on the copy you provide to me. They start at $350/each and can go up depending on the amount of copy/content.
  • I agree that Saffron Avenue is not responsible for server downtime or hosting support/issues. By accepting these terms you also agree that any additional design revisions (beyond the ONE included) and additional support are billed separately at the hourly rate of $150.

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