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If we were to ever chat and you asked me what is one of my favorite things about our society today, I’ll probably say how unbelievably lucky we are as women to be in the midst of such strong female empowerment. I am by no means a super feminist, but I am however very thankful […]

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Where I started and why I’m celebrating Women!

Mar 8


I wanted to quickly throw this out there, as I realized recently after a day in the sun my skin started drying out like crazy. I grabbed a few of my beautycounter products and they worked like a charm. Below are a few of my favorites that I will highly recommend introducing into your routine […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style, Beautycounter

Keeping your skin hydrated in Summer

Jul 10


Hey friends, I realize I need to start sharing more of my beauty routine..or should I say beauty items I test out!  I’m not one who sticks to one brand or product because I always want to try something new. And as I get closer to the 30 club (only a year to go) I […]

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Let’s put some oil on it!

Mar 23


Okay, so this is a tad late (since it’s now December) but I wanted to share with you my November Julep Maven box because I love it! I decided to go with the ‘essentials’ box instead of getting polish or beauty products. Inside it included the Quick Dry Drops (which I lovvvee), the Cuticle Pusher, the Cuticle […]

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Julep Maven – November

Dec 2


I wanted to share with you just a couple of my current Fall obsessions…that I just can’t get enough of! The first one is the most delicious smelling candle from target, Blonde Woods & Musk. Oddly it sounds like it wouldn’t smell good, but it give off a great Fall like scent without being too […]

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Fall Current Obsessions

Oct 15


Happy Monday friends! So today I wanted to share one of my recent favorites with you, the super colorful Julep Nail Color. When my sister was in town last week visiting she brought her nail polish (because we tend to always do our nails together) and I spotted her new Julep polish. I was excited […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style

My Love for Julep Maven Nail Color

Aug 26


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