Our Kitchen Makeover - Saffron Avenue

Our Kitchen Makeover

Our First Home

Aug 28

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  1. Kristen says:

    Lady, you have a TON of cabinets! Kitchen looks wonderful! Bright & crisp. :) We also just painted our cabinets white this summer and added new drawer pulls/handles. I think we have the same hard to install pulls. They were a pain, but look great! Are you also painting all our trim/doors white?

    • Angela S says:

      Hi there, yes, I know!! And they are not all filled yet :) We did paint all of our trim and doors too (well, my husband is out in the garage finished the doors..about 8 so far). Stay tuned, sharing my office, living room, and bedroom next!

  2. This is giving me serious kitchen envy and I’m about to forward this post on to my husband to say THIS, THIS IS WHAT I WANT. He probably won’t be thrilled :)

  3. Bri DePauw says:

    WOW! That looks amazing! I love the idea of painting cabinets white! Did you take off all the doors the paint them then put them back up? Beautiful job!

    • Angela S says:

      Thanks Bri! We did remove them all to paint (much easier considering we still needed to use our kitchen. I’ll be putting a post together with more details soon!

  4. Perfection! We painted our kitchen cabinets when we bought our house as well :) It makes all the difference in the world and makes everything feel so fresh & new!! Great job!

    • Angela S says:

      Thank you Kelly..and it really does make a difference. There isn’t much natural light in the kitchen in the morning, and this really helps brighten it up!

  5. Yolonda Washington says:

    What a few paint cans, accessories and “boutiquing” can do. It looks great! Enjoy

    • Angela S says:

      Right!? After we finished I was pretty surprised all we did was paint, add a bamboo shade, and 9 drawer pulls! (and of course some styling ;) Next are those counters ;)

  6. GBKU says:

    Glad you are enjoying your kitchen, and looking forward to seeing the bedroom and other projects. Those drawer pulls are all the rage these days! They look nice. I’ll bet the shelves were hard to paint…they are that slick, nothing sticks to it finish!! How ever did you manage? I’m guessing the bedroom will be mostly white…should have seen it when we got it, it was ORANGE AND BLACK. No kidding. I REALLY miss that back yard view, and the beautiful birdsong that could be heard nearly year round, when it was light out. There is SO much that can be done with all that space…I had envisioned the whole side yard next to the garage as big garden, with an arched entryway and a pathway…too bad I didn’t have the funds to match my vision. :)

    • Angela S says:

      I love it, and wait til you see what we did in the living room ;) And we didn’t paint the shelves..as I realized quickly how difficult it was just to paint the open one..it was the death of me, so we didn’t do the rest. I’m hoping to post about the bedroom (light mint ;) and couldn’t imagine it orange and black! And yes, I love that bird, my father-in-law asked if it was annoying..and I love it :) And I’m tackling the outdoor this weekend..we are so ‘green’ when it comes to yard stuff, so I’ll be doing some research on the flowers, plants, etc…because I want to keep it all alive (especially the rose bush). Stay tuned :)

      • GBKU says:

        Ah, so close to the color of the second bedroom, for the master? Cool. On the outdoor stuff, take heed of the fact that the left side of the house, as you face it, is going to need hardier plants, or plants with protection in the winter (I’d cover that rosebush, but the one in the front is quite hardy, should be fine, but you still could pile some mulch on it, just in case). That side is where the wind usually blows from, and even tho it’s somewhat protected by the neighbor’s plants, hardy for cold will do better. The rosebush in the front by the porch may need protection from aphids; I used fertilizer that was also supposed to keep the bugs away, but I think aphids are part of what killed the first (non-hardy) rosebush I had there. I was going to plant a lilac bush on that back corner, near the fireplace vent, but never got to it before it was time to sell. Are you going to keep the honeysuckle I was training to the deck rails? It smells heavenly, and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, but does make staining a little more difficult (but I managed, deck was freshly stained).

        • Angela S says:

          Yeah, it actually turned out very close to that 2nd bedroom..I thought it would be a shade lighter, but it’s almost identical. I’ll keep that in mind for the rose bush, and do a bit of research. I love the honeysuckle and really want to keep it there (and try to maintain it), it was beautiful in the Spring/early summer!

  7. Ministijl says:

    I LOVE it! Perhaps I need to try to convince my hubby for a makeover….

    • Angela S says:

      I recommend it, I’ll have to ask my husband how many gallons it took for all of our cabinets..because that is really the only cost involved! (and your time :)

  8. Wow! What a beautiful makeover, Angela! I LOVE the simplicity and airiness of your kitchen! Best part is that it’s clutter-free. Proof that you don’t need a lot out on your counter for sure. I love the idea of plants in the kitchen and the white helps with bringing in more natural light. I love how the sun reflects off of everything. LOVE!

    • Angela S says:

      Thank you so much! As you will see in about all of my house photos I am obsessed with white..and green plants! And the hardest thing was trying to figure out what to put on the counters and on top the cabinets!

  9. Breanne says:

    Did you sand & prime the cabinets before painting? Did you use a top coat/ poly finish? How are the cabinets holding up with wear & tear? We are considering painting our cabinets and want to make sure we do all the right steps so they hold up!

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