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Let’s Play Twenty Questions

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  1. Maraike says:

    I’d like to know how you got into coding and what you did to learn it. How long did it take? :)

  2. Shelby says:

    you’re adorable :) where do you see yourself and Saffron Ave in 5 years??

  3. Tina says:

    From where do you get all the nice fonts you are using in the profiles you are designing? :)

  4. missmiija says:

    What are some business management tools you cannot live without?

  5. Ali Annette says:

    Hi Angela!! LOVE your work! I’ve got four for you! 1. I’d love to know how you first got started 2. What programs you use 3. how you learned calligraphy and any tips on learning! and 4. Your best suggestion for printing services online that is cost effective but still quality. Sorry if you’ve already any of mentioned these! Thank you so much!

  6. I would love to know how you go about finding images to use in your work? Such as the rose image you found on etsy for your mothers day card?

    Do you have any favorite etsy shops/small business shops you consider your go-tos?

    What are some of your favorite IG accounts?

    Would you ever consider taking on a remote intern/assistant (this is a very selfish question:) )?

    What are your best tips for some struggling at their day job, not sure of the best steps to take to lay a good foundation of transition into a creative field?

    Thank you!!

  7. Erika Steele says:

    About a month ago you posted your binder with your outstanding projects. I would love to find out how you keep your freelance business organized. I need some serious help in that department, and would love it if you shared (or sold, because I would buy it) your project binder system. Thanks! :-)

  8. BrandiMarie88 says:

    If you could write a little note (paragraph) to the past Angela, who was just starting out, what would today’s Angela say?

    Also, who is your style inspiration (fashion or design wise)?

  9. Kody says:

    I would love to know what your favorite calligraphy tools are, inks, nibs, pens, and fun tools!

  10. Chrystal Fleming says:

    Hi Angela, I thought of another question I’ve been dying to know…with your portfolio shots how do you get the gold foil showing up, have you photographed it on something or photoshopped it? Eg your hayden olivia bridal pic on main portfolio page. Thanks :)

  11. Jennifer Ashley says:

    Hi Angela! I hope I’m not too late to get my question answered, but I was wondering what your process for digitizing your calligraphy is? Do you draw it by hand and then scan it or do you design it on your computer? If you do scan it, what’s your process after you scan it?

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