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My addiction :: Pinterest Loving

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  1. Marie Warne says:

    You now have an extra follower. Keep pinning because I’m ridiculously obsessed with Pinterest as well.

  2. Angie Sandy says:

    Congratulations on your almost milestone!

  3. Noor says:

    I have almost 10,000 followers and I cannot even believe it. Pinterest is my de-stresser whenever I use it I just forget about everything else. I love it.

  4. Mary says:

    I just happened to start following you yesterday! Loving your boards!

  5. ashlyn says:

    love your pinterest boards. i have been a huge for for a long time! hope you reach 4000 followers soon (if you havn’t already!) xo

  6. Maru says:

    New follower right here! I share that addiction to Pinterest :)

  7. I just started following you on Pinterest after finding your site through instagram – and I have to say – your boards are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Chrystal says:

    I only have 10 followers so that’s freakin amazing, congratulations! I love pinterest, I describe it as designers ‘crack’ it is just so addictive! I love drooling over all the cool things on there.

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