My lovely friends, I have been so excited to publish the have no idea! :) – Last Fall, Amy (formerly Chef Amy Lynne) reached out to me because she was ready to make a huge move in her take it to the next level. She wanted to create a brand that was able […]

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A Creative Brand and Website Launch for Fed & Full!

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My lovely friends, I have been so excited to publish the have no idea! :) – Last Fall, Amy (formerly Chef Amy Lynne) reached out to me because she was ready to make a huge move in her take it to the next level. She wanted to create a brand that was able to evolve with her as she grows her business. A brand that you could envision on a cookbook, a product line, a packaging label, you name it. A brand that felt sophisticated yet creative, modern yet welcoming, timeless yet personal. So, take a peek at the creative brand and website launch for Fed & Full!


From the moment we talked, I honestly knew exactly what she envisioned and seeing it complete seriously make my heart so happy. It’s not overly feminine, yet it’s still detailed and welcoming. I welcome you to take a peek below at the beautiful process on how we turned Chef Amy Lynne into Fed + Full.

The Color inspiration

Let me tell you, this mood board came so easy and felt so natural..especially have reading through her brand personality questionnaire and seeing her Pinterest board.  Blending that cool and calm vibe with warm, detailed, and delicate elements.

Color Inspiration Mood Board for Fed & Full

A neutral and earthy inspired mood board for Fed & Full. Sophisticated, cool gray-blue with accents of copper and charcoal.

{Tonic  |  Cookie  |  OverOver   |  Cake  |   Apron   |   Fashion   |  Black Fog }


The Logo Design

I think I created a total of like 8 logos for her because I just had to much fun with it. I wanted to show her a variety of options, from bold fonts, vintage hand-letting, creative layouts, to more modern or traditional styles. – No joke…I think 6 out of the 8 were hand-lettered too because I loved the creative process ;)

It was important to Amy that we create a logo and brand that was timeless yet that wouldn’t hold her back as she continues to grow

We did this to allow the use of creative elements as supporting characters around it.  That meant adding in custom hand-lettering to the tagline, incorporating the ampersand in sub marks, and playing with typography and the text layouts.

FedFull LogoPresentation

The Brand Design

Once we decided that the primary logo will stand alone without a tagline, I was able to have fun with those additional design elements. From creative tagline variations, a monogram sub mark, to a stacked secondary logo. Everything was the perfect fit to make it all come together.

FedFull BrandBoard Final

FF Logo Secondary

FedFull BrandDesign


The website design

This lovely little website (on the Showit Platform ;) was by far one of my most ‘design heavy’ sites..and I loved every minute of it.  Amy worked with Ashlyn Writes to create perfectly curated copy for her site and I couldn’t have asked for a better process. Once I received all of her content, it was putting together a beautiful puzzle.

When you have a lot of great content, specific headings, paragraphs, call-to-actions, buttons, etc. You have to figure out how to turn all those words compiled into in a text doc into a visually pleasing design that flows naturally.

Friends, I spent 4-6 hours just designing and re-designing the About page until I felt it was perfectly balanced between being informational, but not overwhelming. It’s seriously like a science sometimes!

Not only that, but we designed her business cards, stationery, menu’s, instagram covers, templates, you name it. And it’s all better than I even expected!

01 03 Template LaunchKit


The Launch Plan

Amy also followed my Launch Plan to help share peeks and gain intrigue building up to ther launch! We created a caption plan, images for her posts, and instagram stories for each day leading to her launch!

FedFUll LaunchPlan 1

FedFull Pinterest


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  1. Amy says:

    It’s a dream. Couldn’t be happier, thank you!

  2. Melissa says:

    Congrats Angela and Amy! It is beautiful, welcoming and makes me want to gather up my best people for a tasty meal. The warmest, lovliest brand.

  3. Muriel Silva says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! Congrats!

  4. Leslie says:

    Looks beautiful! You go girl!

  5. Veronica says:

    It looks great, congrats! And thank you for sharing the process!

  6. Catherine says:

    This is simply gorgeous! Congratulations Amy and Angela! I look forward to seeing what you add to your shop Angela!

  7. Marine Dassac says:

    Dear Angela,
    Congratulations on this beautiful design! I am obsessed with the font of the main logo: did you twisted it from an existing font or did it came like this? Would you mind telling us the designer behind it?
    Thank you very much, you’re a great source of inspiration! (listening to your podcast at the moment ;)
    Have a lovely day