Dining Room Makeover - Saffron Avenue

Dining Room Makeover


Aug 12

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  1. Katelyn says:

    So lovely lady! I love the before and after shot, what a difference!


  2. GBKU says:

    (former owner) I do love the color on the walls, I always did dislike yellow, tho it seemed to work where it was okay, but yeah, this is better! :) However, I would like to note that the wood floor is exactly the same, nothing has been done to it. Compare, and you’ll see that the tones in the before pic are somehow redder. I am not sure why, but all the pics of that dining room came out much more red and yellow than they looked in RL. Maybe the wooden furniture changed the light tones as to how they were digitized? The floor color in the after pic looks exactly true to RL. Did you extend the navy all the way to the front on that wall, or stop at the hallway entrance? I’ll be interested to see the kitchen, and the living room looks wonderful! (I have a file of the professionally taken pictures of every room as it was, and would be happy to send them to you if you would like, tho I feel they are not entirely true to life in color saturation.)

    • Angela S says:

      Awe, I was so happy to see this comment :) And yes, the professional photos were quite a bit more saturated..and even my iphone photos look a bit blurred. We just did the navy on the two walls, the one that shares with the stairs and the vaulted. And I’m sure you can see how much I love my white ;) I’ll be posting the kitchen this week too, stay tuned!

  3. zoelinda says:

    Living room goals!

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  5. Lori says:

    hi! What finish did you use for the Hale Navy? Was it eggshell, gloss, matte, satin, etc? I love this look! I am painting my kitchen this color because we have beige cabinets and white/marble backsplash!


  6. Where are those baskets from

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  8. Sarah C says:

    Love the before and after! Is your IKEA shelving (Kallax) in plain white or the high gloss white? I’m trying to buy this too from my kids playroom but not sure which color I like more.

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