Brush Script Digital and Printable Planners are here!

October 7, 2016

Oh friends, I’m so happy to finally write this post! I think I went overboard with perfecting, setting up, designing, and styling these little digital and printable planners (here), but so glad to share them! Since you can only re-invent the wheel so much with planners, I knew I wanted to put my touch on it (hence the brush script), but also designing them how I think they make the most sense. I created 11 different printable AND digital planners that can be printed out for a binder or uploaded onto an iPad Pro to be used digitally.


I think the best part for me is that it’s cohesive! From my day to day to-do lists, my social media planning, to my client project tracking, all of it just makes my life easier and prettier!


For those who have the iPad Pro, well you are in luck!  Each planner includes the PDF version for print or JPG version to import onto your iPad. I use the Adobe Sketch app (since you can make projects) and my apple pencil to write it out and organize your planners. Take a peek below at the tutorial video and the ‘How-To’!





1. Download .ZIP file onto your desktop/computer

2. Unzip the file and move folder into DROPBOX

3. On your iPad Pro, go into dropbox and choose the high resolution .JPG file that you want to use.

4. In the top right corner click the 3 buttons ( ) on the top right and hit ‘EXPORT’ — then ‘SAVE IMAGE’

5. Using ADOBE SKETCH APP (option to use paper 53) open app and create a new project (can re-name title)

6. Choose/Open the first blank document/artboard

7. Decrease the size of the artboard (pinch and squeeze) shrink

8. On righthand side (under layers) hit the (+) and select ‘IMAGE LAYER’

9. Find and select the .JPG file you downloaded previously from dropbox

10. Pinch and expand that JPG image to fit the edge of the artboard (it’s slightly larger, but that’s ok ;)

11. Once sized, hit ‘DONE’ on top right corner

12. Back under the layers, choose the ‘drawing layer’ (under the Image layer), click to drag/drop it above the image layer.

13. On left hand side you can select your brush options. Within each brush you can change the size, opacity, and color

14. Now you’re ready to take notes, plan, and go to town with organization!