Christmas Shopping List :: Free Download

December 1, 2016

I thought I would do a little something-something for you and give you a pretty Christmas Shopping List free download! It’s nothing too crazy, but it can be helpful as you jot your gift ideas down.  I typically try to arrange my shopping by location, soI put a little ‘store’ line (I use initials for them), as well as a few other checkmarks.  I also hate lists that are full width, because when I shop I use my phone (take a pic of the list), so now I can see each persons list vertically ;)  Enjoy downloads below and happy shopping!


GET THE JPG HERE (to use on you ipad pro)   |   GET THE PRINTABLE PDF HERE



GET THE  PDF – HERE    |    GET THE JPGS – here, here, and here

  • So cute! Need to download this asap because i’m so far behind on preparing for Christmas shopping!

  • Thank you so much for offering this! It’s a beautiful design and my Christmas planner had already run out of shopping pages so this will slot in nicely :)

    • Ha, you must have a lot to shop for!!

  • Kristin M.

    Thanks for creating & sharing this list. Comes in handy to keep track of all these last minute gifts I have to get.