Design Day

A design day intensive for those who need it done “ASAP”

Skip the long waitlists and let an expert designer start crossing off your to-do list in just one day.

Design Day

Sounds good, right?

A day for you...

just done-in-a-day

The VIP Design Day is an expedited experience that cuts out the waiting game, gets rid of those back and forth emails, and allows you to work one-on-one for 8 hours with with an experienced designer to tackle your design wishlist.

You need it because...

You need to be able to focus on what
you do best and let an expert take on the rest!

You *might* be able to design it yourself,
but just the thought of it gives you anxiety.

You don't want to over-invest in a package
when you know exactly what you need.

You really don't have 2-3 months to wait
to get your design completed & published.

A Breakdown

post vip day support


7 days of email support for any extra questions about what we completed {design changes not included}

The Breakdown

a recap & Overview


This can include mini-tutorials, instructions and a VIP Day breakdown for you to keep.

the VIP Design Day


8-hours with 3 check-ins as well as full communication throughout (for feedback, revisions, etc).

the Discovery call


A 30-minute consult to plan out what needs to be completed and what I'll need from you before we begin.

VIP Day application


This will allow you to share what exactly you are looking for with your brand and design needs.

because good design builds trust.

75% of consumers will judge your credibility based on your design?

Did you know...

It's your first impression and how you present your brand can make a difference between you and your competitor. Our VIP Design Days are made to help you create trustworthy design so you can do what you do best.




Although I cannot guarantee everything on our to-do will get done. I will strive to get as much as I can done in the 8 hours. But, just know that some things provided may take longer than expected with revisions, length of copy/content, etc.

apply now!

vip design day: 8 hours of one-on-one custom design, just for you.

{ 50% deposit due after application approval }

A quick

word from me


Fill out the form to make sure we will be able to hit your design goals, expectations and needs. *to include they agree to the terms*

the vip application:


The 50% deposit is due at this time. At this point you’ll receive a dropbox or drive folder to start adding your deliverable into for me (which I’ll review on our call}

choose your vip day:


7 days prior we will schedule a 30 minute zoom call to make sure we are on the same page and creating your design wishlist. 

the Discovery Call:




You'll receive a working 'to-do' list from me and any other final questions (about your brand or copy/content provided in the previous step).

I'll start bright and early and dedicate a full 8-hours to just YOU. I ask that you are always available (via email and slack, etc) to keep things efficient and progressing. 

The Design VIP Day:


The Morning After:


The final payment is due! Once paid you'll receive a video overview, all the final files, and any recommendations for how to move forward with your completed designs.

the week after:


You'll have email support for 7-days to ask any follow up questions about the designs {no additional design is done with support}

apply now!


How much does it cost?

01 /

The 8 hours (which includes the 30 minute zoom and a week of email support too) is $4,200. A 50% deposit is due upon application approval and after choosing your date. The final payment is due the day after your VIP Design Day. 

What can't these days be used for?

02 /

Full Custom Branding, Custom Website Designs, Complete Template customizations, Single logo designs -- Looking for that, VIEW THE SERVICES.

What if I need more after the day?  

03 /

Depending on your needs and timeframe, we might be able to have an in-house studio designer help you at our hourly rate. If not, we do offer a discounted rate for booking an additional VIP Design Day.

What should I have completed before our Design VIP Day?

04 /

After our 30 minute zoom chat I'll send you a to-do list and shared folder to start adding all of the copy/content/images/files/etc that I'll need from you for the VIP Design Day.

Will you help me write the copy? 

05 /
I can't (and you won't want me to :) - But HIGHLY recommend hiring a copywriting before working together!

Do you have a 1/2 day rate? 

06 /

No, as it's hard to get a lot checked off in just a few hours. We recommend doing a full 8 to be able to have revisions, communication and quality design!

How will I know what can be done in a Design VIP Day?

07 /

If you look at the MENU HERE you can get a rough idea of how long specific projects can take. The initial questionnaire, your deliverables and the consult will allow us to create a more realistic design list.

Do I need to be available for the VIP day?

08 /

Yes please :) We will need you to approve designs, check layouts, etc and the quicker you are to respond the quicker we can move on to the next project. You can choose the best way to communicate so it's as efficient as possible!

meet angela


With over a decade of working with creative entrepreneurs like KT Merry, Style Me Pretty & Ashlyn Writes to bloggers like Cristin Cooper, With Love from Kat and The Haven List. I'm excited to finally offer an option for those who appreciate quality design but just "needed it yesterday" ;)


Together we can bring your design wish list to life, and I'm excited to get started.