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Hi friends, as I’m pulling together my list of gifts to purchase I started to realize how I needed to find a few more practical gifts for Christmas. As much as I love getting a candle, chocolate, or some gift cards, it is always fun getting practical gifts that you will actually use (and didn’t […]

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Just a few practical gifts for Christmas

Dec 7


Hi friends! If you are anything like me, you’ll be sitting quietly at home on Friday the 24th browsing online for some great gifts for your friends and family. With that being said, I found you some fancy little gifts under $50! I know Shopbop is having a pretty legit sale right now (HERE) and I also found […]

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Fancy Little Gifts Under $50 That You’ll Love

Nov 22


{1. iphone 2. straws 3. cuff links 4. timer 5. soap} In light of my moms upcoming birthday I thought I would finally post this gift guide I put together awhile back ago. Besides my obsession with iphone cases I think my favorite thing is the retro kitchen timer and those puzzle cuff links! Enjoy!

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End of Summer Gift Guide

Sep 11


I was going to post this earlier…but I forgot. So here you go! This is for all of those ‘last minute shoppers’ out there still trying to find some gifts. These can be used as some great stocking stuffers (except for the perfume..that would just be a good gift), but enjoy and have a good […]

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Last Minute X-Mas Shopping?

Dec 24


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