Tutorial: How to automate and print addresses on envelopes using custom fonts

December 18, 2017

Hi friends, happy Monday! Although this post might be a little late for the Holiday season, I thought I would share with you a quick little tutorial on how to automate and print addresses on envelopes using custom fonts. This is a perfect way to quickly print addresses on your envelopes using gorgeous calligraphy fonts! Aka: like this beautiful one HERE that I used for the sample (highly recommend it). Note: I did use InDesign and Numbers for this tutorial and will try to take a stab at using Word for those without InDesign.

print addresses on envelopes using custom fonts

See the video below for the full process and the step-by-step tutorial below on how to automate and print addresses on envelopes using custom calligraphy fonts!

–  VIDEO HERE –   |   – TEMPLATE HERE + HERE –   |   –  FONT HERE  –


1. Setup excel/numbers and input addresses (Get Numbers Template HERE or Excel template HERE)

2. Export to CSV (without any empty cells)

3. Create Document in InDesign File (ex: 7”x5”)

4. Create 2 text boxes: One for the name and one for address (fill with placeholder text)

5. Style Each text box: font, spacing, formatting you wish to use on envelope

6. Setup ‘Character Styles’ for each box – Highligth the text, choose — ‘Type’ — ‘Character Styles’ — Choose ‘New Character Style’

7. Under ‘Data Merge’ Choose ‘Select Date Source’

8. Set each ‘source’ to coordinate with the text boxes. – Highlight the typed out name and select ‘name’ under ‘data source’ — repeat with address

9. Under ‘Data Merge’ choose ‘ Create Merged Document’

10. Fix and names that need slight adjustments

11. Save as PDF or Print for a 5×7 setup (this depends on your printer).


And please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Thank you for the great tutorial! I was wondering what serif font you used for the address.

    • Of course! And that one is baskerville ;)

      • Erin H

        It looks beautiful!
        Did you use the font for the name off the Rare Bird Font Foundry?
        And if you did, what is the name of the one you used?

        • Yeah, the name in calligraphy is rare bird specimen 2! Link us above the video in the post!

          • Erin H