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Typically each year I share my New Years resolution and this year I wanted to also include a free printable template PDF.  I believe that the more you see something in front of you (like written notes, quotes, etc), the chances of it coming true or achieving it is more likely. I created a resolutions download for you […]

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This Is My Year :: Free Printable

Dec 30


Wow, I have to say, this year was pretty epic for me, in so many ways both with my business and personal life! There were so many exciting ‘firsts’ for us along with getting to work with a whole list of amazing clients.  I’m not really sure how 2016 can compete with 2015, but here’s to […]

My Life

2015 A Year in Review

Dec 31


I am finally feeling a tad better..enough to at least sit at my desk and work a bit anyway. I realized I didn’t do a resolution list last year so I wanted to make sure to do one this year.  Honestly, a few of them are going to be pretty challenging for me..but hey, that’s the […]


2015 New Year Resolutions

Jan 2


{Sources: 1, 2, 4, 5} I am back and ready to kick some ass in 2013! I had a fantastic vacation and loved getting to spend time with my family and friends. To start off the year I thought I would do my resolutions. They are quite different than last year because I didn’t have […]

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My 2013 New Year

Jan 4


  So here are my resolutions…or goals? I didn’t think about it too much, but these are at the top of my list to accomplish this year…thus far. I hope everyone has an amazing 2011!

My Life

New Beginnings

Jan 3


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