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Because my little 6 month old nephew is having some skin issues, I thought it would be interesting to do a bit more research on ingredients used in baby balm and moisturizers. So, this weeks This or That series is comparing Beautycounters Baby Balm VS. Johnson’s Baby intense moisture cream.  The safer baby balm from Beautycounter […]

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This or That :: A safer baby balm

May 16


Okay, so I’m starting a small series on a few BEAUTYCOUNTER I use and putting them up against some other brands to show you a comparison in the ingredients (and some are pretty terrible). So a question to you: Have you ever thought about what’s in your moisturizer ? I want to challenge you today to go grab one you use and […]

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This or That :: What’s in your Moisturizer

May 4


I wanted to share with you why I believe in Beautycounter, but first let’s quickly take it back to 2003 when I was just a youngin’ in High School. I had a part time job, was in a couple sports, and more than anything was lucky that I barely ever broke out (considering I was a […]

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Why I believe in BeautyCounter :: My Story

May 1


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