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Oh friends…this post has been drafted for months, and I don’t know why I care so much. All I know is that it’s scary to post, but it’s honest, and more than anything, it’s something that I think is important to put out there in hopes to educate and possibly help others. With that being […]

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My Beautycounter Before and After – How it changed me…

Feb 21


I wanted to quickly throw this out there, as I realized recently after a day in the sun my skin started drying out like crazy. I grabbed a few of my beautycounter products and they worked like a charm. Below are a few of my favorites that I will highly recommend introducing into your routine […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style, Beautycounter

Keeping your skin hydrated in Summer

Jul 10


Summer here in the midwest is no joke. Since we literally only have about 10-15  decent weekends before it’s too cold to be outside, we use and abuse those weekend like nobody’s business.  That means our schedule is insane, we book out our weekends months in advance, and if you are anything like us…there is typically some drinking and bad eating involved too. […]

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A Weekly Beauty Routine That I live By

Jun 21


So let me tell you all about charcoal today ;)  Since I have acne prone skin I was told that activated charcoal bar and mask could help my breakouts..and you know that intrigued me quite a bit. I learned that it’s great for the skin because it absorb toxins and pollutants and in turn is like a magnet pulling […]

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All About Charcoal :: The Activated Charcoal Bar and Mask

May 23


Because my little 6 month old nephew is having some skin issues, I thought it would be interesting to do a bit more research on ingredients used in baby balm and moisturizers. So, this weeks This or That series is comparing Beautycounters Baby Balm VS. Johnson’s Baby intense moisture cream.  The safer baby balm from Beautycounter […]

Beauty, Beautycounter

This or That :: A safer baby balm

May 16


Oh friends, this post got to me, especially after researching that first ingredient that can be found in almost all sunscreens.  With that, I want to share with you the truth about sunscreen and what is literally soaking into your body during the Summer.  Growing up our parents always made sure to lather up our […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style, Beautycounter

THIS OR THAT :: The truth about Sunscreen

May 11


Okay, so I’m starting a small series on a few BEAUTYCOUNTER I use and putting them up against some other brands to show you a comparison in the ingredients (and some are pretty terrible). So a question to you: Have you ever thought about what’s in your moisturizer ? I want to challenge you today to go grab one you use and […]

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This or That :: What’s in your Moisturizer

May 4


I wanted to share with you why I believe in Beautycounter, but first let’s quickly take it back to 2003 when I was just a youngin’ in High School. I had a part time job, was in a couple sports, and more than anything was lucky that I barely ever broke out (considering I was a […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style, Beautycounter

Why I believe in BeautyCounter :: My Story

May 1


Hey friends, I realize I need to start sharing more of my beauty routine..or should I say beauty items I test out!  I’m not one who sticks to one brand or product because I always want to try something new. And as I get closer to the 30 club (only a year to go) I […]

Beauty, Beauty + Style

Let’s put some oil on it!

Mar 23


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