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  1. Thank you! I love the quote and your openness about your apprehensiveness with work. I feel the same way in my day job, and even more so when it comes to design. Great reminder not to take everything so seriously!

  2. Victoria says:

    I’m pretty sure this makes you human and shows your care a lot about your work. We all doubt ourselves so be brave and believe in youself!

  3. Kory says:

    Being worried about your work is normal, I think! I agree that it’s so great to have someone in your life who can help you take your mind off those types of things! Congrats on him going to 1st shift! :)

  4. Chrystal says:

    Thanks for sharing Angela, I stumbled upon your website and blog about a month ago whilst looking for inspiration for my own branding and am in love with your work and design style!! (I keep checking back to see if you’ve posted) I am in the process of starting my own graphic design business and have always been nervous and self doubted my own work so I am so glad to hear you do it too, especially when you are so good at it!! I am particularly struggling with getting my own branding done aaaarghhh the pressure to be perfect ha ha. Hopefully these comments above will help you to instil more confidence in your self :o) My husband also does shift work so I fully understand, although he gets four days off in a row so it gives us some good family time. Enjoy your work!

    • Angela says:

      Thank you for stopping back! And yes, it is difficult to do your own branding..I’m not sure if I’ll ever really love my own logo! I wish you the best with your new endeavor, work hard and you’ll go places!

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