design process

Each brand development project takes approximately 20 to 30 business days and full brand/web projects can take 4+ months. All times are dependent on client response time, revisions, and my current booking schedule.



1. initial consultation

Like any relationship, it all starts with a first date to make sure the sparks fly! After your initial inquiry, we will set up a phone or video call. I will ask you some questions regarding your business, vision and goals for your brand and web design, as well as allowing you to ask any questions for me. This step will give us both a chance to get to know one another and make sure we are a good fit. After our chat I will have you fill out the website questionnaire (if necessary) to make sure I can provide you with a detailed quote.



3. process + schedule

Once the deposit payment has been paid and the terms signed, I will send over a detailed schedule for our project together. It will include the entire process from start to finish and when you can expect your designs, mockups, final files, etc. In this schedule I will also give you specific times for your ‘due homework’ (questionnaires, branding details, website content, etc). By creating a detailed schedule will allow us both to stay on schedule and keep on track to launch your entire project on time.



5. inspiration

This is where the party starts! Once I study your branding questionnaire I will put together your color palette and inspiration board to make sure I am heading in the right direction. Once approved and within 10 business days you will recieve your first logo variations to review and are given the chance to perfect up to 2 times to make sure you love it. Once the logo is finalized I will pull together the full branding board within 5 business days so you can see the entire design come together with all of the complete elements (secondary logo, sub marks, patterns, etc.

2. project outline

If we hit it off and find that we are the perfect match, I will put together a full quote based on our project and send it your way. If everything prepared is approved by you, just sign, scan, and send the proposal back to me and keep a copy for yourself. I then kindly ask you to to complete the deposit payment amount (via check or paypal) to hold your spot in my queue. Based on the project total I do allow payment plans depending on what you are comfortable with.



4. your homework

Since there is typically a wait time between this step and the next, I give you homework to prepare for our upcoming project. I will send you the branding questionnaire for you to answer some questions to insure we are on the same page prior to your project start date. This questionnaire will provide  valuable information for me as I move throughout your brand process. I also ask you to create a detailed pinterest board for me, full of branding inspiration (colors, patterns, oufits, interiors, etc.)  I will also send you a dropbox link for the website content if necessary.



6. brand completion

Once the branding board is completed and approved by you I start prepping the final  files for you. At this point I now take your new brand and continue it throughout your print and social page design (business card, business letterhead/notecard and envelopes, stamp or stickers, facebook and twitter page designs) to complete your seemless new look. I will send you over the final invoice for the branding design, and once completed I will send over a convenient dropbox link of all of your zipped up logo and print files.



7. website design

At this point, once we have established your business brand style  I will begin on the website design mockup. Before getting started I will make sure you have finalized all of your web content in our shared folder so I am able to design your site with all appropriate information (buttons, images, links, extras, etc). Within 5-10 business days I will provide you with a detailed mockup of your website homepage and one interior page for you to review and make notes on.



9. interior design

After our follow up chat I will send the final mockup to my developer to start coding the test site. At that time I will start designing your interior pages. (2 – 3 weeks). Once the test site has been finalized and the interior page content has been implemented I will send it over to you for review. You receive up to one full revision on the content and opportunity to make small changes that I may have missed. I will then send you the final payment for the site and schedule the final 30 minute website tutorial.

8. the follow up

Since the website is such an important piece of your business I want to make sure you absolutely love it and are comfortable moving forward. I welcome you to schedule a chat with me to go through the website design and allow for you to ask any questions and have the opportunity to make any necessary changes (up to 1 revisions).. I will also be able to explain the functionality of the site as well as discuss in detail the remaining pages on your site, from the gallery, services, press, etc.



10. the launch

Once the final payment has been made and the tutorial has been completed your site is ready to be launched! Once  you are ready we will transfer the site over to your hosting and domain. We will place a ‘coming soon’ page up on your site while we transition (24-48 hours). Once it is ready you are able to launch your complete site! Within the first week of your live site you have the opportunity to email me with any questions you may have in regards to the new site. Anything beyond that point will be billed separately.


We also offer website maintenance plans after your site is launched! Feel free to learn more info here, if not we recommend you update your website every 6-12months!