A little Southern Wedding Planning

December 30, 2014


Hi Friends, I hope everyone had a fabulous and relaxing Christmas! I can’t even imagine how many ladies (and gents) got engaged in the past week, so I thought this wedding planning post would be fitting. Not only that but we officially have been engaged for a year! (Where did the time go?) Considering we are 4 months away from our wedding I knew I needed to kick it into high gear and really start planning our wedding (oops), so to get me back on track I bought the Southern Weddings Planner. Um, can I just say I love it! So much detail, thought, and of course great design went into this little binder and really wanted to share that with you!


A few things you should know about this that I love. It’s beautiful, it has a hard cover binder, gold foil everywhere, detailed tabs, important information, tips, and of course beautiful design. Not only that but it includes some Southern items (not something I’m into, but great for those Southern ladies), some tips on being engaged, as well as advice and ways to have a happy marriage.  Like I said, it’s so descriptive and helpful, it has a questionnaire for the couple, a full gift section for both wedding party members and vendors, as well as some great stationery advice.




A few things that I am adding to it that are missing (in my opinion). A detailed budget to jot in, I’m big on pen and paper and love seeing numbers written down in a complete format. They do include some great tips and tools for budgeting, just missing a full budget. More pages for the inspiration, I added some of my own to display some more detailed inspiration. From patterns, colors, swatches, etc. I know it’s important to show vendors a great inspiration board, and by putting it all next to each other makes so much sense (instead of tabbing through to reception, ceremony, etc). I’m actually placing all the inspiration pages in one tab together (ideas, floral, ceremony, reception, etc).







SW13I hope you enjoyed just a peek inside my wedding planning process! Go ahead and check out their planner..so worth the money ladies!


  • Half Asleep Studio

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not usually one to go crazy over my future wedding (I’m not even engaged yet!) BUT I might have to buy this & hoard it away for when the time comes… thanks for sharing!

    • I would recommend it, a big part of me also got it just to have for a keepsake forever! It’s just that beautiful :)

  • So pretty. I can’t wait to see your ideas come to life.

  • I just bought this planning binder too! I had already purchased the binder that The Knot makes to plan my wedding, but this version was just too beautiful to pass up!

    • Yay, you will love it, trust me!

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