Modern Calligraphy Fonts and the New Rare Bird Font Foundry

October 17, 2017

Oh friends, a few months ago the lovely Tristan B (Besotted) and Jessica (Magpie) reached out to me to see if I would be interested in being a brand ambassador for their new business, Rare Bird Font Foundry..and I literally squealed with excitement!  Not only because I’m such a fan of beautifully curated fonts, but because of their true passion for high-quality creative fonts, from hand-lettered styles to modern calligraphy fonts. Rare Bird is a gamechanger and is all about finding truly talented artists and working with them to create a completely unique font for artists who appreciate detail and beauty. With that being said, this week I’m going to share with you some of their fonts I love and how you could use it!

Modern Calligraphy Fonts

I just had to start with this INSANELY BEAUTIFUL modern calligraphy font by Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy. It’s delicate, ornate, classic, and just the right amount of playful. I’ve been a fan of Karla’s for awhile now and absolutely love that she’s a Rare Bird Artist!  I mean, can you only imagine how beautiful this could be for wedding invitations and envelopes! And even for branding pieces for businesses. I’m in love. —> SEE IT HERE!

Modern Calligraphy FontsModern Calligraphy Fonts
Modern Calligraphy Fonts

I literally just mocked up this ‘beach wave spray’ to show you how it can be used for branding and businesses. And I have to say, I would very much love to have this bottle just sitting in my bathroom just for visual purposes and for styling, not even to use! This shows you how awesome and versatile these modern calligraphy fonts really could be ;)

Modern Calligraphy Fonts

The options are literally endless when it comes to these modern calligraphy fonts and I cannot wait to show you so many more ways to use them and even get you a freebie or two. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing the next pretty one soon!