A free calligraphy digital brush for Procreate!

January 16, 2018

Hi friends, so I was working on creating a new ‘dry brush’ to sell in my shop HERE..but it was taking way too long to perfect. So instead I thought why not just let ya have it for free! With that being said, I just uploaded a free calligraphy digital brush for ProCreate over in my shop called Dry Brush (as you can tell below).

I absolutely love the texture and gradient/bleed to it, just know there might be just a few kinks that I just didn’t have time to smooth out. You can take a peek at the prettiness below and head over to the SHOP HERE  (and scroll to the bottom) to get it for yourself! P.S. feel free to tag me when you use it so I can see it didn’t go to waste!

free calligraphy digital brush for Procreate


  • Katherine Sanchez-Rocha

    I LOVE what you offer but I do not own ONE single apple device. I would really love to buy some of your forms and calligraphy brushes. Do you offer this for Microsoft surface products?

    • Just sent you an email! Unfortunately procreate is only iOS, but my planners can be uploaded to Adobe Sketch which is available on Surface/windows!

  • kimberley

    This brush is super cool Angela! Thank you!! PS I just created a logo using your AH-MAZE-BALLS watercolour brush. I’m completely in love with it!

    • Awe, thank you! And I love hearing that, the watercolor brush is definitely a fav or mine!

  • Melody

    Hi Angela,
    I’m trying to “checkout” with the dry brush, but haven’t received an e-mail to download the brush..am I doing something wrong?