Favorite Apps that I love to use daily

July 18, 2017

I realized that I haven’t yet shared some of the favorite apps that I love to use, so I figured I could share them with you today! I’m going to break it down a little bit by the ones I use on my phone and then the ones I use on my iPad too. Most of the apps have free versions as well, which is great in order to test drive it prior to purchasing the paid version. Take a peek below and feel free to let me know some of your favorites too!

Favorite Apps that I love to use Favorite Apps that I love to use


PHOTO EDITING: I’m currently loving SNAPSEED as it’s been updating more and more with great features. (VSCO is a good one too)

VIDEO EDITING: I only use PROCAM for videos because you can do quite a bit of editing and saving.

TIME STAMPING: I use PIXELGARDE to update the timestamp on videos for Instagram stories (and copyright too).

COPIED: For iPhone users this app will store more than just your last ‘copy’ on your phone! No joke, I don’t know how many times I had something ‘copied’, got distracted and copied something else..then lost the original. No more of that nonsense with COPIED!

MEMORIES: Highly recommend checking out 1SE which is a 1 second a day video diary, I love it!

INSTAGRAM PLANNING: I love UNUM! You can schedule, edit photos, switch account, etc (and free).

TRAVEL: We use WAZE on the road (notifies you of cops/accidents/etc) and allows you to schedule trips.

FOR FEMALES: I just download GLOW in hopes that I can start to understand my cycles…fingers crossed

RELAXING: When I can’t sleep I tend to use CALM to do some meditation or breathing.

TECH FREE: To keep myself off of my phone while working I use FOREST to help stay focused, it’s cute too.

TIME TRACKING: I don’t use it as often (which I should) but when I do it’s FREELY.

Favorite Apps that I love to use


Considering I typically only use my large iPad for work I don’t have as many apps installed.

PROCREATE: Use this one for all of my digital calligraphy brushes (HERE) as well as drawing.

ADOBE SKETCH: I use this one for watercolor and sketching as well as my digital planners (HERE)

ART RAGE: This one is new, but I like a few of the brush options to make graphics/art.




Oh, so I’ve been on a ‘casual’ outfit kick lately and thought I would throw in what I recently added to my wardrobe!

Favorite Apps that I love to use
Favorite Apps that I love to use
Favorite Apps that I love to use
Favorite Apps that I love to use

Favorite Apps that I love to use