Calligraphy and Lettering Supplies

November 3, 2016

I realized in the past year I’ve been asked quite often what are some of my favorite calligraphy and lettering supplies, so I thought today I would finally share my big supplies list with you! This will be a lengthy post because I’ll talk about calligraphy supplies for beginners, advanced products to play with, other calligraphy tools, as well as my favorite lettering supplies. My go to is Amazon or Paper Ink and Arts!

calligraphy and lettering supplies - saffron-avenue-01

Calligraphy Supplies for Beginners

01. HIGGINS ETERNAL INK :: One of my favorites, as it’s not expensive and does a great job. HERE and HERE

02. STRAIGHT PEN HOLDER :: I recommend starting with a straight holder, which is also great for lefties HERE or HERE

03. BEGINNER NIBS :: Nikko G and Zebra G are great nibs to start with, they are sturdy. (pack of 10) HERE and HERE

04. RHODIA PAPER PAD :: Highly recommend getting the dot or line version to start with. HERE or HERE

05. WHITE INK :: Dr. PH Martins is my favorite. It is quite thick and requires adding water to liquify to your liking but definitely one of the best whites out there. HERE


calligraphy and lettering supplies - saffron-avenue-02


01. WALNUT INK :: A Current favorite of mine, it has a vintage vibe to it HERE

02. OBLIQUE PEN HOLDER :: Great to use for a better angle and more advanced holder HERE or HERE

03. OTHER NIBS :: Some nibs work better with other forms of ink, like HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE

04. FINE TEC :: I recently started using this and see it commonly used and worth a try HERE or HERE

05. PEARL EX POWDER :: Love this for metallics! It requires mixing gum arabic and water :) HERE  or HERE

06. GOUACHE :: Best to create colorful ink! Does require adding the correct water/paint ratio! HERE or HERE

07. GUM ARABIC :: For mixing with the 2 above! HERE


calligraphy and lettering supplies - saffron-avenue-03


01. THE LETTERMATE :: For addressing envelopes  HERE

02. GUM ARABIC :: For mixing with pigment, great for envelopes, reduce cracking HERE

03. CONTAINERS :: To store your beautiful mixed inks HERE or HERE

04. GLASS JARS :: To store all of your new nibs! HERE

05. LASER LEVEL :: To keep that straight line when writing on envelopes/etc. HERE

06. PRACTICE :: Printable Guides for practicing your letters (can be placed under paper pad) HERE


calligraphy and lettering supplies - saffron-avenue-04


01. WATERCOLOR :: I prefer tube paint over cakes, better vibrancy and transparency HERE or HERE

02. BRUSHES :: I prefer sable or sable/synthetic mix, typically for lettering I use #1 or #2 – HERE or HERE

03. THICK PAPER :: I prefer a slight texture (and fast drying) coldpress paper 140# HERE or HERE

04. WATERBRUSH :: My favorite to fill with water or colored ink is Kuretake Waterbrush Small HERE

05. COLOR BRUSH :: I use this for my messy brush script (and can be dipped into water for a more watercolor look) HERE

06. COCOIRO PEN :: Letter pen which mimics a calligraphy pen style by applying pressure! HERE or HERE

07. WHITE PEN :: Great for envelopes, fake calligraphy, etc..I use it quite a bit for projects! HERE


That’s about it, BUT let me know if you have any additional questions!!


Chic Halloween Party Inspiration

October 26, 2016

Because it’s my favorite time of the year I thought I should share with you my chic Halloween party inspiration that I’ll be using for my little soiree this Friday! I’m such a fan of black and white (obviously) and created the invitation based on that, but now thinking to add a little hint of blood red!  I still want it to look chic, so I’ll include simple touches of calligraphy or brush script, some black decor, a few spiders, red treats, and of course a signature cocktail! Take a peek at my Halloween PINTEREST BOARD for more ideas!!

chic halloween party inspiration

Invite (by me)  |  cocktails  |  cookies  |  wreath  |  pumpkin  |  apples  |  signature drink



Black and White Calligraphy and Cable Knit Pumpkins

October 21, 2016

Friends, I bought my first ever white pumpkins and couldn’t be more excited about them! I obviously knew they would get painted, that they would have some sort of calligraphy, and would definitely include black (it is Halloween and all).  I was initially thinking of doing painted lace or even painted black flowers, but opted for doing some DIY cable knit pumpkins instead (my “how-to” is below). But really, who doesn’t love some simple calligraphy pumpkins!


I decided on doing a few cheeky ‘pun-kins’ in my brush script calligraphy and of course a painted dachshund..for my little Curry.  Also, the reason why I love the Cable Knit pumpkins is because they can used up until Thanksgiving by simply adding a different ribbon to the top (gold, red, orange ribbon) or painted a different color.

black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-2 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-3

— P.S. Love these Joules Rainboots HERE

black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-4black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-13 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-5 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-6 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-7black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-15 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-8 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-9 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-10 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-11 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-12 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-14


As you can see it’s pretty simple, but oh so pretty!  A few notes, I just used a white pen to draw the ‘cable knit’ pattern and used it more as a guide.  It’s pretty delicate, so don’t touch it too much or else the glue will come off ;)   I used 2 coats of acrylic paint, but I bet spray paint would look good too!  Oh, the best part.. you have 2 sides, so if you don’t like one, try the other side!

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A ‘Fixer Upper’, Magnolia Inspired Viewing Party

October 17, 2016

When the ladies of Cherry Blossom Events reached out to me about collaborating on a ‘Fixer Upper‘ viewing party in Sarah’s newly renovated basement I couldn’t have been more excited! It was infused with that beautiful Magnolia style, including white shiplap, marble, hints of gold, natural wood, and touches of my calligraphy…it would make Joanna Gaines proud.  So, in honor of a new basement and a new Fixer Upper season they got the ladies together to sip wine and watch the latest season in style.

Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 1 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 2

After creating the marble inspired invitation and the customized magnolia leaf name tags they had me put my calligraphy on a few other fun items. We did vinyl calligraphy on the marble cutting board, custom made napkins, designed pillows, and ended the night with customized cupcake boxes to go! And P.S. how much do you want to just live in this basement!

Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 3 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 4 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 5 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 6 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 7 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 8 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 9 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 10 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 11 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 12 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 13 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 14 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 15 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 16 Fixer Upper, Magnolia Inspired, Saffron Avenue 18


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Be Present :: Desktop Wallpaper

October 13, 2016

Yep i’s that time of the month…time to pretty up your screens with a new desktop wallpaper! I couldn’t help but do some watercolor for this month because it just seems so fitting for the season (not sure why)? But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I think it only makes sense for all of us to just be present. Be all in when your with your family, your friends, and your pets ;) So, head on over to Lark + Linen to get yours!

larklinen-octoberdesktop-1 larklinen-octoberdesktop-2 larklinen-octoberdesktop-3