Mid-Summer Swimsuit Finds

July 5, 2017

I was chatting with my friend who is going to be getting married in Mexico next January about the lack of swimsuits I have.  She then reminded me that considering we are leaving in Winter for this wedding it could be hard to find Summer outfits, especially swimsuits! So, I’ve been on the hunt to get myself one more swimsuit before I completely forget about it.  A few things: I’m obsessed with scallops (LOVE Marysia Swim), I’ve been digging the look of bold red swimsuits, and as much as I think a one piece would look weird on me..I kind of love them. So, I pulled a few of my favorites below!

Summer Swimsuit Finds

ONE (black bow)   |   TWO (white ruffled)   |   THREE (white scalloped)   |   FOUR (red one piece)   |   FIVE (red strappy)   |   SIX (black bikini)   |   SEVEN (black halter)   |   EIGHT (white one piece)



A Weekly Beauty Routine That I live By

June 21, 2017

Summer here in the midwest is no joke. Since we literally only have about 10-15  decent weekends before it’s too cold to be outside, we use and abuse those weekend like nobody’s business.  That means our schedule is insane, we book out our weekends months in advance, and if you are anything like us…there is typically some drinking and bad eating involved too.  Hence why I thought I would share with you my weekly beauty routine that I live by during the Summer.

Weekly Beauty Routine - Beautycounter - #saffronavenueWeekly Beauty Routine

Every Monday and Thursday I make sure to add a little something-something to my everyday routine and that includes some fun masking! I typically use my No. 3 Balancing Collection on MONDAYS (you know, after bad eating on Saturday). This set helps absorb excess oil and refine skin texture, giving skin a smooth, polished appearance. Plus, we all know that activated charcoal is pretty legit.  Then on THURSDAY I do the No.2 Plumping Collection to help firm and moisturize.

Weekly Beauty Routine - Beautycounter - #saffronavenue

Below is the breakdown and products I use twice a week. I do swap between the No.2 Plumping Collection and the No.3 Balancing Collection along with the cream cleanser and exfoliator. AND I do tend to use my charcoal bar at least 2 times a week as well.


.01 – CLEANSING BALM (to remove any leftover makeup)

.02 – CLEANSER  (I also swap out and use the exfoliator cleaner as well)

.03 – ROSEWATER MIST  (I use this as a toner after washing)

.04 – BALANCING mask or the PLUMPING Mask

.05 – FACIAL OIL  (Add a few drops to the moisturizer below)

.06 – Nourishing DAY or NIGHT Cream

.07 – NOURISHING Eye Cream or REJUVENATING Eye Cream

.08 – Facial Mist (No.2 or No.3)


My love of denim :: Summer Style Inspiration

June 15, 2017

It’s been awhile since I did a fashion post and thought I should share my love of denim, because let’s be honest it’s something that we all have in our closet and can literally go with anything. Considering I’m obsessed with jeans (in general) I know when we hit these 90 degree days I’ll have no choice but to pull out some skirts and shorts (as much as I might hate wearing shorts).  So, I gathered a few fun items that I’ve been eyeing up over at SHOPBOP and thought I would share as we move quickly into this hot Summer!

Love of Denim - Saffron Avenue - Summer Style

P.S. Heels are HERE – HEREHERE  (and how cute is that fricken puppy)!Love of Denim - Saffron Avenue - Summer Style

ONE : here and here    TWO:  here and here    THREE: here and here    FOUR: here and here   FIVE: here and here   SIX: here and here   SEVEN: here and here   EIGHT: here and here


Month of May :: A Recap

June 1, 2017

Hi friends, I thought I would share with you a little recap and a bit more of what I was doing behind the scenes in the Month of May. I was busy with a whole lot of new projects, collaborations, shoots, etc.. So take a peek!

Upcoming Wax Seal Collaboration

Month of May Recap


Top 5 Most Stylish in Madison Magazine!

Month of May Recap


New Planners in the SHOP!

Month of May Recap


My first ever tulips bloomed!

Month of May Recap


New products in my shop!

Month of May Recap


My largest calligraphy piece for a shoot!

Month of May Recap


starting sending out beautycounter samples

let me know if you want one!


Month of May Recap


Finally did a photoshoot for the blog!

p.s. this cute top is here or cute one here!


Month of May Recap

Lastly, created some pretty ribbons!

My Month of May Recap


AC Hotel Grand Opening :: My Madison Staycation

May 30, 2017

Friends, you know I don’t get out all too often, but when the new AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin invited me (yeah, me) to their Grand Opening celebration I couldn’t have been more excited. Not only was I able to do a Madison Staycation with my husband, but I also got to experience downtown in a different way than I ever have before. And let’s be honest, it didn’t hurt getting to wake up just blocks from our beautiful capitol and getting to meet Mr. Nigel Barker! So, take a peek at a few images from my weekend at the AC hotel and enjoy the beautiful views ;)

AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin
AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison WisconsinAC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison WisconsinAC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison WisconsinAC Hotel Madison Wisconsin ACHotel-Madison-SaffronAvenue-12

The rooms we stayed in were beautiful, clean, and modern. I love that not only do we get a mini fridge (that can actually be used) and a coffee maker, but a smart TV to watch your own Netflix (booya). And let me just quickly thank the person who designed the bathrooms, you my friend understand the amount of countertop space a woman needs, so props to you!AC Hotel Madison WisconsinACHotel-Madison-SaffronAvenue-1 AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison WisconsinAC Hotel Madison Wisconsin AC Hotel Madison Wisconsin



All About Charcoal :: The Activated Charcoal Bar and Mask

May 23, 2017

So let me tell you all about charcoal today ;)  Since I have acne prone skin I was told that activated charcoal bar and mask could help my breakouts..and you know that intrigued me quite a bit. I learned that it’s great for the skin because it absorb toxins and pollutants and in turn is like a magnet pulling out dirt and oil from your pores. Say what!? Even better, it can be used daily on your face or body (you know, those spots that tend to flare up after a solid workout sweat session) and will last forever!

Activated Charcoal Bar and Mask

The Charcoal Bar

  • It’s made with coconut oil, green tea, witch hazel, and all kinds of good ingredients
  • Cut it in half and keep one half on the sink for your face and the other in the shower.
  • I recommend using it at night, I put my moisturizer on it after and spray with my facial mist
  • Some say it does dry their face out a little bit..not me, as I’m on the oily side anyway!


Activated Charcoal Bar and Mask

The Charcoal Mask

  • Mask helps minimizes the appearance of pores, giving skin a smooth, refined appearance
  • Helps to exfoliate and smooth out skintone
  • Can also be used as a spot treatment (which I do) instead of a full mask
  • I recommend using it once a week (maybe twice..after a night out ;)

Oh, and if you are feeling crazy you can get the SPA SET..which is great to do for 30 days with a before/after!