Jackie O. Inspired

February 28, 2017

Can you believe it’s the last day of February….what!? We are officially 2 months in to 2017 and I literally do not know where it went.  But, I do have a lot of exciting things on my plate currently and cannot wait to share more with you soon.  With that being said, one thing I am doing more of this year is socializing…as weird as that sounds.  I’m not only helping my husband with his new real estate business but also trying to network and meet more people here in Madison.  Because of that (and having to leave the house more) this lady needs to start expanding her wardrobe!


I’m not a big fan of shopping, unless it’s at Target and simply stick to my ‘usuals’ (ripped denim, high heels, and white shirts). But because I need to fancy myself up some more I’m deciding to compile outfit inspiration posts for myself (and you), as a guide to expand my wardrobe.  In the next couple months I’ll be pulling together a few items that I’m looking to purchase in hopes build up my closet!  I decided to start off with a classic little number, inspired by the lovely Jackie O.  That includes a classic black dress, a trench coat, a hint of floral, and a nude heel.  I mean, all in all, you cannot go wrong with any of this!

Black Dress   |   Nude Heels   |   Phone Case   |   Earrings   |   Coat (onetwothree)   |   Leather Bag


Guy Style Interior Inspiration

February 13, 2017

Happy Monday my friends! Since helping my husband launch his new business (see here) I’ve been very inspired by a more masculine style.  I love a good neutral interior style and have been drawn to it much more lately, so I thought why not create a bit of guy style inspiration to share!  I have this thing with navy, bronze, and leather and couldn’t help but pull together a few pieces that I will actually be buying for my husband (or myself) soon!  Enjoy, links for them below!


1. Bronze Candle  |  2. Notebook  |  3. Bookends  |  4. Decor  |  5. Lamp  |  6. Leather Pillow  |  7. Glasses  |  8. Wood Tray


A simple Valentine

February 8, 2017

Hi friends, it’s been awhile hasn’t it!? I wanted to pop by because I’m sharing my idea of a perfect Valentines gift, one that I adore. My husband and I are not the type of couple that will go all out on Valentines Day (no jewelry for me or expensive watches for him), but the ones who will do something quite simple. With that being said, a little love letter, a beautiful plant, and a homemade dinner (or takeout) is what makes my heart full.  And as much as I love tulips and flowers, with this terribly cold and gloomy winter an azalea plant couldn’t be more perfect for me…because it last so much longer!


This year I want to encourage you to write a beautiful letter or handwritten note to your love. Just find or make a fancy envelope and even a couple colorful pens, and speak from your heart.  I find it so much more meaningful reading a letter over a couple pre-made sentences in a store bought card.  I try to beautify my letters with a pretty envelope, calligraphy, and my wax seal..but that’s just me going overboard ;)





P.S. For the guys out there who might actually read this, try out a plant this year for your lady (or for the ladies who are gifting to other ladies), this one is from ProFlowers.  And because you might ask about my wax stamp, that pretty thing is custom made from Stamptitude ;)  Happy Valentines day!


Printable + Digital Planner :: How I use it!

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year friends! I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for 2017, one being I wasn’t of fan of last year and two because I’m starting it off organized and much more prepared! With that being said I thought I would show you how I use my digital + printable planners (these pretties here)!  I made a DIY binder with customized tabs and also use my ipad pro for the daily items (within adobe sketch).  But for a breakdown of the printable planner see below and get your own HERE!

QUOTE PAGE: Get your free print HERE   |   DAILY:  Today List + Blog Post   |   WEEKLY: Week List – Social Plan + Instagram   |   MONTHLY: Month List + Social Stats   |   OTHER: Consultation Sheet + Notes Pages



This Is My Year :: Free Printable

December 30, 2016

Typically each year I share my New Years resolution and this year I wanted to also include a free printable template PDF.  I believe that the more you see something in front of you (like written notes, quotes, etc), the chances of it coming true or achieving it is more likely. I created a resolutions download for you so feel free to grab this template HERE, fill in your resolutions (I used caps lock and extra space in between each letter), then you can print it out and then frame it (8×10). Now, everyday in 2017 you will probably walk by it, glance at it, or stare directly at it…and hopefully you’ll make it all happen. Happy New Year my friend, let’s hope 2017 is overall better than this last one ;)