Just a few practical gifts for Christmas

December 7, 2017

Hi friends, as I’m pulling together my list of gifts to purchase I started to realize how I needed to find a few more practical gifts for Christmas. As much as I love getting a candle, chocolate, or some gift cards, it is always fun getting practical gifts that you will actually use (and didn’t think of getting yourself). So, I pulled a few that I either have and recommend or might just be purchasing this year for my friends!

Practical Gifts for Christmas

Practical Gifts for Christmas

  1. BAGGU TOTES: These are literally perfect for using when going on quick trips for the weekend. Put your snacks in one, your shoes in another, etc. Highly recommend!
  2. BAG-ALL: You’ve seen me post about these before..cuz I love them. I hate being unorganized and I think these are perfect for the trendy traveler!
  3. CANISTERS: I personally like these and might gift to a friend WITH my lettering on the front of them. Practical and unique
  4. THE LAUNDRESS: I have yet to purchase this product..but I need it. They have some for traveling, for baby, and for everyday use..and it’s super cute.
  5. DAILY GOALS: This is perfect for him or for her! It’s super neutral and practical for anyone, really.
  6. MITTENS: Because who the heck couldn’t use another pair of mittens in the bitter cold!
  7. CORD TACOS: Partially loved it because of the name, but also because the endless tangling of cords is highly annoying.
  8. CLOCK: I know we don’t tend to use clocks as much..but I think this could be the cutest alarm clock that is unique (as I would actually use it)!