Because cancer is a complete asshole

May 8, 2017

I really didn’t know how to start this post..without adding in too many swear words. The sad thing is, I’m sure almost every single one of you reading this has someone they love or know who has cancer…which I hate to even think about.  I feel like every other day I see on the news, in media posts, or in articles of someone being diagnosed with it and every single time my heart break and I literally cry (because I’m one of those people).  Well, last February cancer decided to rear its ugly head at my cousin, with an aggressive rare type of cervical cancer.


The thing that breaks my heart more is knowing everything she as already gone through in life, relationships, and being a single mom.  But more recently she finally found the love of her life, got a new job, and was still being the badass mom that she is to her son Jaren…life was great.  But, then it happened and cancer decided to be an asshole and show up.

I want to welcome you to read more of HER STORY HERE and what they are now having to face with insurance, her new job, and their new home. And more than anything, please put her in your prayers…  Thank you for listening my friends.