Brand and Blog Launch :: This Renegade Love

May 21, 2015


These past few months have been crazy and have been dying share this recent brand and blog launch with you! Lauren from This Renegade Love reached out to me for her new blog, and wanted to create a space that is intriguing, warm, beautiful, and neutral (nothing too overly feminine really). After chatting with her I got so excited to start, I just adored her style, personality, passion, and loved her instagram feed. To start off, I created the palette which was warm yet neutral and modern. I wanted to make sure it pull in texture, so using the watercolor and brush strokes were key.


shirt  |  bowl  |  painting  |  lettering  | watercolor  |  chair  |  floral  |  sweater

After finalizing the palette I started working on the logos (which I LOVED doing). Again, keeping in mind that this site is geared towards both men and woman, travelers, small businesses, etc.


After choosing the logo I pulled together the branding board and all the elements. From the secondary logo, sub mark, as well as the floral pattern and watercolor pattern.



From there we designed the branding pieces to match with the floral artwork and the watercolor pattern.

trl-brand1 trl-brand2 trl-brand3 trl-brand4

And finally I got to design the blog website!! Friends, I absolutely am in love with how it turned out, from the modern lines, soft touches, watercolor, and of course her beautiful photography.  The best part is we created a very custom navigation dropdown (so check that out) as well as a customized category page which filters all of her categories and sub-categories. So, feel free to check it out here!!

TRL-WebsiteDesign-1 TRL-WebsiteDesign-3