Black and White Calligraphy and Cable Knit Pumpkins

October 21, 2016

Friends, I bought my first ever white pumpkins and couldn’t be more excited about them! I obviously knew they would get painted, that they would have some sort of calligraphy, and would definitely include black (it is Halloween and all).  I was initially thinking of doing painted lace or even painted black flowers, but opted for doing some DIY cable knit pumpkins instead (my “how-to” is below). But really, who doesn’t love some simple calligraphy pumpkins!


I decided on doing a few cheeky ‘pun-kins’ in my brush script calligraphy and of course a painted dachshund..for my little Curry.  Also, the reason why I love the Cable Knit pumpkins is because they can used up until Thanksgiving by simply adding a different ribbon to the top (gold, red, orange ribbon) or painted a different color.

black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-2 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-3

— P.S. Love these Joules Rainboots HERE

black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-4black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-13 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-5 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-6 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-7black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-15 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-8 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-9 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-10 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-11 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-12 black-and-white-calligraphy-painted-pumpkins-saffron-avenue-14


As you can see it’s pretty simple, but oh so pretty!  A few notes, I just used a white pen to draw the ‘cable knit’ pattern and used it more as a guide.  It’s pretty delicate, so don’t touch it too much or else the glue will come off ;)   I used 2 coats of acrylic paint, but I bet spray paint would look good too!  Oh, the best part.. you have 2 sides, so if you don’t like one, try the other side!