Wax Seals :: The Saffron Avenue Collection

July 11, 2017

You have no idea how insanely excited I am to finally share with you the launch of The Saffron Avenue Collection with Wax Seals! About 5 months ago I reached out to them  to see if they would want to collaborate on a collection that would feature a more modern style. From that point forward we have both been working non-stop to make The Saffron Avenue Collection come to life!


Our goal with the collection was to blend the tradition of wax seals with a modern twist by incorporating my signature calligraphy along with modern elements, like geometric borders and sans-serif fonts. The best part is that anyone can use them. From the ‘sayings’ collection that feature words like ‘With Love’, ‘Top Secret’, to ‘Not A Bill’ that you can use on an everyday basis.  To a custom style that can be used for weddings or for business by incorporating a monogram with editable text!


With that idea in mind, we create a few lines that can suit anyone:

The 1st Collection: ‘Saying By Saffron’ – This one features various sayings that can be used on an everyday basis to add a beautiful detail to your envelope, package, or product.


The 2nd Collection: Designer Monograms – This one features a monogram with my signature calligraphy style that can also include a modern border of your choice.


The 3rd Collection: Custom Design Monograms – This one is a completely customizable collection that can includes my signature calligraphy with the option to customize the words and text around it.


I also feature a few of my favorite colors, but keep in mind they have a beautiful assortment of custom colors you can choose from! Feel free to take a peek some more and grab up your own Saffron Avenue wax seal!