Let’s put some oil on it!

March 23, 2016

Hey friends, I realize I need to start sharing more of my beauty routine..or should I say beauty items I test out!  I’m not one who sticks to one brand or product because I always want to try something new. And as I get closer to the 30 club (only a year to go) I tend to look for the all natural items too, considering all the crazy chemicals these days. With that being said a friend of mine recently introduced me to Beautycounter…have you heard!?


Well, I read up on it and took the challenge of reading up on my current face wash ingredients….and friends, it wasn’t so great (don’t get me started on my makeup).  The thing is, I’m not one who likes to spend money in general, especially on clothes or makeup. But, in the past year or so I’ve realized how nuts it is that we literally soak our skin with these crazy chemicals..and a lot of them. So, I’ve been trying to find some really great products that not only work on my skin, but also are good for it too.

For those who know me have seen me struggle with my face over the years (more or less since starting my business in 2012). I’ve tried EVERYTHING, from Proactive, The Mia Brush, Clarins, Natural Honey, face masks, peels, etc.  But nothing seemed to work very well.  Until I started to eat healthy, workout, and drink more water (imagine that)?! But, to this day when it’s that time of the month or I’m overly stressed I still do breakout and still have my uneven skin tone.  And here comes in the need for a good natural and safe product!


Back to Beautycounter, I’m trying out the best selling Lustro Oil #1.  The funny thing is I’ve heard of oil for face wash, hair, and skin..but never would think of using it as a face moisturizer (fearful of oily looking skin), but I’ve been hearing rave reviews. I just started using it last night and want to document my process with it, that way I am able to give you a full review in the next month or so (i’ll give it 4 weeks of use).  In the meantime you must check it out, they even just came out with a baby line (which is adorable and perfect).


I did also get the Petal Lip Sheer which I know I already love, so I can say I recommend this to try!  With this all being said, let me know if you have tried Beautycounter, your thoughts, or if you recommend any other natural products out there! Enjoy!


  • jenniferaross

    Any update on how the face oil has worked for you? xx

    • Hey there,
      Yes, I was going to do another one because I took a 2 week hiatus because I was traveling (and overly stressed) and I know I break out like crazy when that happens. So you can expect one within the month. But so far..it makes my skins very soft, but still have some very small blemishes that appeared :( (again thinking stress related).