Arms and Abs Challenge for April

March 30, 2017

For those of you who follow my instagram stories you might have seen that I just did an arms and abs challenge this past month and am wanting to do it again!  So, I revised it a little bit and wanted to see if you would want to join in with me for April! Read below for the details!Arms and Abs Challenge

Arms and Abs Challenge
Arms and Abs Challenge



workout descriptions included!

Alrighty, we will all start April 1st and for accountability maybe we can use the hashtag #SA30dayChallenge – I’ll make sure to share it in my stories when I complete my day and I welcome you to do the same and tag me (in your stories)! NOTE: This is an arms + abs challenge and it doesn’t mean you’ll walk away with a 6 pack or some super ripped arms (although that would be amazing), but I do think it’s good for accountability and incorporating fitness into your life!


AND, here are my current favs (high waisted pants are my jam)

Arms and Abs Challenge

YOGA MATS  (here or here)  |   BRA  (currently loving the DASH bra) |   WATCH   |    PANTS  (fav is LISETTE + SALAR)  |   WATER BOTTLE